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TCS PAPER ON 30th MAY,2008

Hi friends,
I am Waseem Akram pursuing B.Tech (CIVIL) from JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad. TCS Came to our campus on 30th may 2008.We were intimated that TCS will be in the campus for 5 days but due to some reasons they completed the procedure in 3 days and they left. Around 570 people attended this on-campus having students from B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA.

For This TCS there will be 4 rounds

1. Written Test

2. Technical Interview

3. M.R.

4. HR

1. Written Test:

This test has 3 sections and this will be online test of 90 min. 3 sections are: 

1) Verbal (10 synonyms,10 antonyms ,1 sentence completion paragraph with 6 blanks and 1 reading comprehension with 6 questions) --- 32 questions, 20min.
2) Quant (38 questions ,40 min)
3) Critical Reasoning .(3 Problems with 4 questions on each) -- 12 questions,30 min

1. Verbal:
For this section if u go through the frequently asked questions in GRE u can complete both antonyms and synonyms. The reading comprehension was copy paste from GRE BARRONS 12th edition. Be very quick in this section as the reading comprehension and sentence completion are very lengthy.
Friends since we don’t have any negative marking in this written exam try to give answer to every question if u don’t know the answer give any one option.

2. Quant:

This section was same to same from previous papers but some what data was changed that’s all. This had some bar graph, pie charts and Venn diagrams also. The questions which I remember in this section are

1>.If g (0) =g (1) =1 and g (n) = g (n-1) + g (n -2)

Find g (6);



G(0) = 1

G(1) = 1

G(2) = G(1) + g(0) = 2

G(3) = g(2) + g(1) = 3

G (4) = g(3) + g(2) = 5

G (5) = g(4) + g(3) = 8

G (6) = g(5) +g (4) = 13

2. Find the highest standard deviation?
A) 5, 0, 5,0,5,0,
B) 5, 5, 5,5,5,5, 


D) 5,-5, 5,-5, 5-5

E)   -5, 0-5, 0-5, 0

Ans: D

3.What shape will be obtained using these values?
X              Y
0           0.001
10          1.02
100         1.72
1000        3.00
9999        4.72
Ans: logx
4. What is the largest prime number that can be stored in an 8-bit memory?
ANS: 127
5. Select the odd one out 
6. Select the odd one out 
a. Oracle b. Linux c. Ingress d. DB2 e.Sql
7. Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube 
ANS: 6,8,12
8. If TAFJHH is coded as RBEKGI then RBDJK can be coded as ---------
9. What is the power of 2? a. 2068 b.2048 c.2668
ANS: (B). 2048 
10. (A) 2+3i (B) 1+i (C) 3-2i (D) 1-7i. 
Find which of the above is orthogonal.
ANS: (A) & (C). 
11. (Momentum*Velocity)/(Acceleration * distance ) find units.
12. Find the result of the following expression if, M denotes modulus 
Operation, R denotes round-off, T denotes truncation: 
Ans. 19
13. Find the missing number in the series: 
2, 5, __, 19, 37, 75
Ans: 9   
14.(momentum * velocity)/(force * time) = velocity 
In this section if u do around 34 off 38 questions then u will definitely clear the written 

3. Critical Reasoning
This section is copy paste from GRE BARRON 12TH EDITION. All the problems in this section are same as the barrons.ALL THE 3 PROBLEMS I GOT WERE COPY PASTE FROM BARRONS. So friends practice Barrons 12th edition problems. if you don't get answers memorize them. The questions and options appeared in the same to same order.
I completed this section in 4 mins.So our Written was completed and we got our results after submitting all the answers and clicking on exit on same window.
This written was too easy so nearly 480 candidates got selected in 570 candidates and we were given TCS RECRUITMENT forms

The next round was Technical Round and I waited for 2 days for this round.

2.Technical Interview:

I was called for this Technical round on the June 1st at 9:00 PM and I entered and my Technical person was cool and when I entered the conversation was

I: Good Evening Sir.

He: Good Evening Waseem Akram.Tell Me about Yourself

I: Told everything about myself.

He: Write a programme on Pascal triangle.

I: written and explained step by step.

Then we had some talk about some things that I mentioned in my resume.
Since lack of time I had my MR also in the same panel
Since I am from civil he asked me what is yourfavourite subject?


He: What is RCC?

I: Explained

He: Asked some other things in RCC and I explained everything.

He: Why TCS?

I: Explained

The results were announced at 9:30 PM .I felt very happy and I was sent to HR.


I had my HR interview at the last in my college because of the late TR and MR.
I had My HR at 11:30 PM
HR came outside and asked is anybody pending and I told I am there and he took me into the HR chamber and my HR was too cool and young.

I: Good Evening Sir.

He: Good Evening. Tell me about yourself.

I: Told everything about myself.

He: Asked about my eamcet rank and y did u opt CIVIL?

I: Told him everything.

He: He gone through my resume strengths and I mentioned in that as I have leadership qualities and he asked me to write down what are the qualities that a leader should have?

I: Without thinking anything I wrote down 4 points about that. (I wrote 4 points in 20 secs)

He: He told me stop and checked the points and I wrote 1 point as leader should be different from others. So he asked how r u different from others.

I: Gave the answer for that.

He: Good Luck waseem bye.

I: bye sir.

So at last my HR interview was completed and my HR interview was around 5 mins.
Now the results time.
We had our results announced around 1:30 AM.
Around 220 candidates got selected in TCS and I was one among them and it was party time for us and we enjoyed lot on that day and I was feeling like the king of the world.

My advice is that u people be confident only confidence matters If u don’t have any subject it doesn’t matter but only confidence matters in this.


Ok friends bye………hope lets meet in TCS.