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TCS Paper on 13th January 2010, at OEC
Hello everyone! I am Sambit Kumar, final year student of Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering of Orissa Engineering College, Bhubaneswar. We took part in the recruitment drive by TCS at our campus on 13th Jan,'10, and the results were declared on 14th.PROCESS at-glance:
The process began at around 11am in with the start of the Pre-placement Talk by the HR group of TCS.It lasted for around 1 hour with a presentation about TCS-in brief.(Plz have a keen note of the facts they say...can be of grt help durng the HR round of the interview). After that sesssion they divided all the short-listed students into 3 slots (total students=207).
And then the first slot students were asked to report for the ONLINE test. (I found myself in the 2nd slot)
They declared the results of the online test within 20 minutes. And the students who cleared the test were asked to prepare for the PI. We were informed that that the TECH round & the HR round will be done simultaneously at a time.
As said by everyone here.. the question paper consisted of similar questions like the ones available over here.
The question set had 3 sections.
1.Verbal section: 10 synonyms, 10 antonyms, 10 fill in the blanks.
=>For this section, please go through barron's high frequency words, 5 model test papers and learn all the previous paper synonyms and antonyms.
2.Aptitude section:
=>those were mainly frm the RS aggarwala's.Those were quite workable(But time management is vital to be taken care of)
3.Critical Reasoning:3 passages..eac followed by 4 question.
Lastly for this section do all the passages from Barron's 12 edition model test papers. I am 101% sure that all questions are directly from that book(only in some cases they change the names & all). How-so-ever I  did not go through many so i had nothing similar.. but i managed to solve all 3 correctly :)..and i also had 8 minutes left after solving this section.
**there is no sectional cut-off.
There were around 10 pannels with two people in every pannel.
These are some of the areas from where i was fired questions-...(they mainly emphasized on the tech part...)
*Amplitude Modulation.
*Frequency Modulation.
*Multiplexing/ demultiplexing
*Pin config of 8085/8086
*difference betwn DBMS & RDBMS
*Oracle queries & basic theory( as I had mentioned that in my cv)
*define oops
*swap program
*data encapsulation
*and they give me a program to a string in top to bottom format.
*WAP to display fibonacci series
*Lots of questions from my project ( my role in it, learnings etc.)
*about yourself (please avoid d rum of d mills " i am ABC, I did my schooling from XYZ I am in abc college, i got so many marks n stuff...  they can read this from your resume) they make question of what you say.. so be careful in what you say and be very sure of everything you write in your resume
*why TCS?
*hobies( be thorough in this field dear friends.)
>don't think you can bluff them, don't even try to
>if you don't know something, you can let them know that u don't know it, this wont harm you (I did it when they asked me ques from MPMC)
>don't be over confident
>do not forget to go through their website.. you should know all new changes, d vision n mission, new clients, contracts etc >be well dressed, don't forget to great, seek permission to sit/enter
>be confident..
n lastly.. for the interview.. don't be nervous.. think of it as a person who is trying to know about you and you have to help him for the same..
*** My interview continued for around 45 minutes.
The results were declared next day. Out of the 131 students who cleared 82 were selected to be proud TCSians...and i m proud to be one of them.
With Regards,
OEC, Bhubaneswar