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Hi frnds…….I’m Akash….4th yr ECE Haldia Institute of Technology, West Bengal. We had recruitment drive by TCS on 24th Jan. All together there were 350 students….out of which 115 cleared the written (apti) round….and finally 90 students got selected. It was a memorable day for each and everyone of us and I’m sharing some of those experiences here.
First of all, we all had to register at  https//:nextstep.tcs.com (2-3 days before the TCS came) and a unique registration ID was given to everyone……plz keep that ID safe…..u will need it throughout your campus drive.
Eligibility Criteria:
1. 60% n above in 10th, 12th n B.Tech (6.75 according to our university norms).
2. No pending or active backlogs.
Pre Placement talk:
On 24th we had a pre-placement talk. The TCS officials gave a presentation and told us about their company and services. Listen to this talk carefully. U will get the answers for….. Why one should join TCS? What are the recent projects of TCS?....of course abt salary and many more. U can ask genuine questions but don’t ask anything stupid (it makes a BAD impression).

Online Test:
The instructions of online test were given by TCS officials. The test consists of:
No. of questions: 35 (no sections)
Time: 80 mins
NEGATIVE MARKING (1/3 rd of total marks)
The test was a real nightmare for us. I’d never expected such questions……no Barrons..…no R.S.Aggarwal…..no vocab. All the questions were new and some of them were from previous years CAT papers…(believe me….no kidding!!!!!) . Cut-off was as low as 15-16 marks. This is the new pattern on which TCS is conducting their campus drive….so stop memorizing and start understanding!!!!!
Some of the questions were (I’m not giving the exact questions because data were different for almost every student):
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->3-4 questions on probability (odd against and even against probability).
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->2-3 questions on data sufficiency.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->2 paragraph jumble.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->2 questions on coding-decoding.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->4-5 critical reasoning.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->4-5 logical deduction (questions based on syllogism).
<!--[if !supportLists]-->·         <!--[endif]-->6-7 questions on quants.

The results of online test were out within an hour….and selected students were called for interview instantaneously (n again we were late as usual…..but somehow we managed!!!!). We were given an application form….plz fill that form very carefully as TCS officials were quite concerned abt it.
Technical and HR Interview:
Everyone of us had only one combined Technical and HR interview. There were 20 panels…one interviewer per panel. Some of them were technical panels and some were HR….TCS officials were sending students randomly to the panels. Some of the questions that were asked from me:
1. Explain race around condition…master slave flip flop.
2. Steps to convert analog signals to digital signals…..(sampling, quantization, encoding, etc).
3. What are counters..…difference between synchronous and asynchronous counter and their uses.
4. Difference between microprocessor and micro controller.
5. Some of the basic questions on the final yr project.
6. Some questions on C……like call by value n call by reference.
7. Basic of Data Structure….like what is linked list, what do mean by malloc, alloc, free, etc.
8. Fundamentals of DBMS…like why it called relational database….what is primary key and foreign key.
Some routine HR questions:
1. Tell me abt urself.
2. Why TCS.
3. Why do u want to switch to IT industry being from an ECE domain.
4. Are u relocatable…..can u work in time constraint…etc.
5. Some situation reaction test….like how will u react to a particular given condition.
6. Would you like to ask something from me.
Some Precautions:
Never ever try to bluff the interviewer. HR people are really smart….they can read minds….so, if u don’t know something, admit it politely. Moreover be enthusiastic and show ur eagerness to join the company. Don’t take tension regarding the interview becoz they make the environment very casual. Just have a smile on ur face and talk with confidence.
For technical jst have the basics (only basics!!!) of all the subjects. C and Data structure is a must for all departments and one or two subjects of ur interest.
Go through ur CV before the interview carefully. They might ask u to summarize ur CV. Also most of the question in the technical as well as HR will be directly linked to what u have written in ur CV. Prepare for questions like: Tell me abt yourself….(never say abt ur family background until u are asked to do so)…ur strengths…n weakness carefully. One of my frnds had said that he had a good sense of humour…n guess wat interviewer asked him to crack jokes instantaneously. He said 3 Santa Banta PJs n interestingly…he was selected.
Be spontaneous…they might ask u questions like…what are the names of experiments that u have done in ur last semester or even the names of the subjects of ur current semester…or even easier….what is the name of the planet in the movie ‘Avatar’.
Lastly, plz visit the site www.tcs.com a day before the campussing…it’ll definitely help.
Our results were out at 4:00 in the morning. I was very glad to hear my name…..my frnd Soumya, Shankar, Ashu, Vivek, Paul, Party n many more were also selected.
Don’t get disheartened if u don’t get through due to some reason. Jst keep ur calm n prepare for the next company…..TCS is not the end of the world!!!!
!!!!Best of Luck!!!!  See u at TCS!!!!