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TCS ON 29th & 30th JANUARY:
Hi guys I am vamsi from CRR College of engineering, TCS came to our campus on 29th and 30th Jan 2010.                                                         
First there will be a pre placement talk, please listen it carefully and take some notes this may be very useful in interviews.
The exam is an online one, there is no sectional cutoff so attempt all of them. The pattern is the same as earlier.
There will be three sections.
1. Verbal-32 questions-20 minutes.
2. Aptitude section-38 questions-40 minutes.    
3. Critical reasoning-12 questions-30 minutes.
Though the pattern is same the questions are a bit different from previous ones. Every person will get one section very tuff and the other two sections easy compared to it. I got verbal very toughly. The software used by them is QUBEX. There will be a timer at the top right corner of the window, after every one minute the window will refresh itself, if the time of the section is completed the next section starts immediately, so in the last minute try to attempt all the questions left because in aptitude section you will not have enough time for solving all of them.
10 synonyms, 10 antonyms, passage containing 6 blanks and another passage having 6 questions.
I don’t know even one antonym and synonym I just kept B or C for all the questions. I read the passage for 7 minutes but can’t understand it properly. The question with blanks is comparatively easy one. 
The questions in this section are totally different from the previous papers not even one question is repeated from them. They concentrated more on data sufficiency I got nearly 15 questions only on them and also they are very easy too.
This section is divided in to two groups.
The first one has 30 questions mainly questions on data sufficiency.
The second section has 8 questions on data interpretation. 2 parts comprising of 4 questions each. One is a passage and the other is bar or pie chart or both. It is better to answer these questions first because they are easy compared to other ones and as the time is not sufficient for answering all the questions.
I remember only a few models which I am giving here.
1.) How old will C be after 10 years?                                Statement 1: Five years ago the average of A and B is 15 years.                Statement 2:    Average age of A, B and C is 20 years now.
a) Statement 1 is sufficient to answer but statement 2 alone is not enough.                      b) Statement 2 is sufficient to answer but statement 1 alone is not enough.                  c) Statement 1 or statement 2 is alone sufficient to answer.                          d) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are not sufficient to answer the question.               e) Both statement 1 and statement 2 are together sufficient to answer the question.        Ans: e

2.) What is the ratio    between two numbers?                                Statement 1:    The sum of two numbers is twice their difference.                Statement 2:    The smaller number is 6.                                                                           Ans: a
Options are same for all these type of questions.
3.) The sum of ages P, Q and R is 96 years. What is the age of Q?                         Statement 1: P is 6 years older than R.                                Statement 2:  The total of ages of Q, R is 56 years.                        Ans: e
4.) What is the cost price of the article?                                      Statement 1: The profit earned is one-third of the cost price.                    Statement 2: The article is sold for Rs.400.                            Ans: e
5.) A and B are in a partnership business of one year. At the end of the year, a profit of RS.20, 000 was earned. What is A’s share?                                 Statement 1: A invested Rs.50, 000.                                Statement 2: B withdrew his capital after 8 months.                        Ans: d   
6.) A and B together can complete a task in 7 days. B alone can do it in 20 days. What part of the work was carried out by A?                                    Statement 1: A completed the job after A and B    worked together for 5 days.        Statement 2: Part of the work done by A could have been done by B and C       together in 6 days.                                                Ans: a
7.) How much time did X take to reach destination?                            Statement 1: The ratio between the speeds of X and Y are 3:4.                Statement 2:    Y takes 36 minutes to reach the destination.                    Ans: e   
                                            other questions can be answered very easily.            
This section is same as the earlier papers i.e. most of them are from Barrons, but all the names are changed. I got a passage which is not from Barrons but it is very easy. I will give the details of the passages which I and my friends got but it is good to do all the passages in Barrons 12th edition which are having 4 or more questions. Try to solve them if not simply mug them up, even the order of questions and the options does not change.
1. Large and small universities –model paper 1–section 5–question no (8-12).
2. Eight varsity baseball players– model paper 2 – section 1 – question no (1-4).
3. Byram and Adoniaram – model paper 2 – section 6 – question no (1-4).
4. A, B, C and W may cause D– model paper 4 – section 6 – question no (8-12).
5. Scurvy- model paper 5 – section 7 – question no (21-25).                 
I cleared the written exam and the interviews are on the following day.
There said that there is  no elimination after each round and once if you get in, technical, management and human resource rounds will be completed one after the other, but some of us are eliminated after technical round.  The interview’s started at around 10.30 am. There is a team of 21 members from TCS. There are 10 TR, 4 MR and two HR panels.
It is good to prepare for the basic questions which are often asked and answer them with confidence, because what they check is your confidence level but not the level of knowledge you have.
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Why TCS?
3. What do you know about TCS?
4. Why software?
5. Why should I hire you?
6. Your strengths and weakness?
7. Why your percentage is low (IF)? (My percentage is less and I faced this question in every round so guys if yours is less be prepared with a convincing answer)
It is always a good practice to ask questions when the interviewer gives you a chance. Because this shows the enthusiasm you have for the company. But don’t ask any stupid questions.
I was called for the TR at around 2 pm, there are 2 members in the panel both are from ECE and I am from electrical.
Int1: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told.
Int: Why software?
Me: Told.
Int: Took my file and started asking questions on the subjects in my mark lists….
Int: What is micro processor? Draw NAND gate? What is an IC? Diff b/w an IC and DC? What is stator, rotor? Components in a generator? Explain the principle of     operation? What are a coil and some basic principles from electrical….              
Me: Told most of them and If you don’t know them say I cant recall them or if you want some time take time I asked for some time and took 2 minutes to recall a concept and explained them.
Int: Do you have a pc at home? And what is its configuration?
Me: Told.
Int: How do you verify it? What is REGEDIT? And some other questions on it?
Int: Write any program you know in C?
Me: I started writing ARMSTRONG numbers program.
Int: Are you coming into software field for high salaries?
Me: No sir. I completed the program. He gave me another program and I wrote it.
Int: What is process to do a project?
Me: Told.
Int: Are you interested in doing a project individually or in a team?
Me: In a team sir.
Int: Why? Can you explain?
Me: Explained.
Int:You can be placed anywhere in India. Will you go?
Me: Yes sir.
Int: Can you work in any time or you have any limitations?
Me: Yes sir, I can work in any time, I have no such limitations.
Int: Do you have any questions?
Me: Yes sir and I asked him.
Int: Answered the question.
Int: Ok you can leave.
Me: They wished me all the best.
They will check some basic knowledge in our core subjects and some programming skills and confidence levels. So be cool while answering the questions.
Some of us completed the technical round in morning itself and are waiting for management round up to 3 pm and then they announced a list of 10 members who are eliminated in the technical round. Then I was called for management round.
Me: G.afnun sir.
Int: G.afnun, take your seat. What should I call you, with full name or just vamsi?
Me: Anything sir.
Int: How would you describe you?
Me: Told.
Int: What are your weaknesses?
Me: Told.
Int: Is that all?
Me: Yes sir.
Int: Why software?
Me: Told.
Int: Then why didn’t join in computers?
Me: Told.
Int: Are you willing to go Sri Lanka if you are given job?
Me: Yes sir.
Int: If your parents don’t allow you?
Me: I will convince them sir.
Int: How?
Me: Told.
Int: What if you got an offer with more salary after some time in TCS? Will you leave the job?
Me: No sir. I won’t. (Who won’t?? Even the interviewer leaves the job if he gets one!!)
Int: Some more questions like goals, further studies etc.
Me: Explained them.
Int: OK. All the best.
The round is to test the management skills of a person. In most of them stress tests are done i.e. they will be asking some questions to know how you behave under stress situations, you must stick to one ans only. In my interview I was confused that I contradicted my own statement which I didn’t. They will try to confuse you but be cool and answer them with confidence.
There are two lady hr’s for us. They only check the confidence levels of the student.
Me: Tell me about your family?
Int:  Told.
Me: Why TCS?
Int: Told.
Me: What are values of TCS?
Int: Told.
Int: What is vision of TCS?
Me: Don’t know mam.
Int: Why your percentage is low?
Me: Told.
Int: What did you learn in the four years of your study here?
Me: Told.
Int: Are willing to go any where?
Me: Yes mam.
Int: Any questions?
Me: Asked a question on higher educational opportunities provided by TCS.
Int: She explained it.
Int: You can leave. All the best.
My h.r is over by 5 pm and they announced the results at 6.30 pm in the seminar hall. They took a total of 35 members from 58 who cleared written exam. Finally my name is announced and I am in TCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to thank all, who have helped me directly or indirectly. My sister who helped me answer many questions in TR, MR and HR. Many people who have written their experiences and my friends.
If you have any questions mail me at che9@ymail.com .
Prepare for the BEST and pray for a little luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the best guys.