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Hello friends. I am Abhishek Naskar from ECE department of Mallabhum Institute of Technology, Bishnupur, going to share my journey through the selection procedure of the no. 1 IT industry in Asia—TCS………..

Firstly you must know that the aptitude test of TCS, believe me, is very easy. But you should follow the correct procedure. It was an online aptitude test in my college. Please don’t be afraid.  

Aptitude Test [21st February] :   There are three sections of aptitude test. Each question has 5 options. You have to tick the correct one. But there are no sectional cutoff and negative marking.………………  

1. Verbal: [32 Questions, 20 Mins]
It consists of 10 synonyms, 10 antonyms and 2 lengthy paragraphs. Go through the wordlist of GRE BARRON’S (any edition). There are 333 high frequency words and 750 words in reviewing vocabulary wordlist. It is very difficult to remember all those words but try to remember in such a way so that you can recall after seeing the given options.

2. Quantitative: [38 Questions, 40 Mins]
It is very easy part. The problems are about ages, time & dist., time & work, numbers, average, temperature, data interpretation ( R.S.Agarwal ),ratio, probability etc. You can find various set of quantitative test papers in freshersworld’s website.

3. Critical Reasoning: [12 Questions, 30Mins]
Apparently you can realize that it is very tough section. But the problems in this section come from the Logical Reasoning chapter of GRE BARRON’S 12th edition. You must solve also the logical reasoning parts from 5 test papers in that book. Practice this reasoning part in such a way you can solve the problem just after seeing it. There are 3 passages each of which contains 4 questions. Sometimes you can see that the passages are common. There were 5/6 questions in the book. But you are given only 4 questions in the aptitute test. Be careful when answering………………

The most frequently logical reasoning questions are 1. Baseball players( G,H,J,K,L,M,N,O),2. Wallachia & Rumelia, 3. Byram and Adoniram, 4. Ashland, 5. Mr. Pesth, 6. On Sunday December 23 four ships....., 7. Airdale, Boxer, Collie, Doberman, 8. All G’s are H’s, 9. Hotel Miramar, 10. Homer Museum, 11. Prahtu & Brihtu marriage, 12. Motorist, 13. Project consolided……. 14.  In country X…… 15. Joe, Lary, Ned, Mary…………  

Technical + HR [22nd February]: I am going to give you the most valuable, interesting and precious experience of my life………..my first interview. There were 5 panels. Mine was panel no.3. I thought it would be for 45 mins to 1 hr. But, trust me, it was just for 20 mins. I faced with only one interviewer.

Me: (knocking the door) May I come in sir?
Interviewer: yes.
Me: thank you sir.
Interviewer: be seated.
Me: thank you sir.
Interviewer: introduce yourself.
Me: gave my introduction.
Interviewer: so you are from electronics department. Do you know what is FET?
Me: answered.
Interviewer: what is the practical application of FET?
Me: answered.
Interviewer: do you know microprocessor?
Me: It was in my sem. But I can’t answer very well from this subject.
Interviewer: give your file.
Me: yes sir.
Interviewer: well, dou you know computer?
Me: yes sir. I know c language.
Interviewer: write a program in c which can reverse a string.
Me: (it was common) sir, done.
Interviewer: there is a problem. Can u find it out?
Me: (checking) sir I think I am write.
Interviewer: ok I’ll explain you later. Now write down  a program to find out the summation of digits up to 100 which are divisible by 4.
Me: done.
Interviewer: can we get the desired output by this program.
Me: yes sir.
Interviewer: Being a electronics student you don’t know microprocessor?
Me: sir, I know this subject. But I’ve not prepared this very well for the campusing.
Interviewer: do you digital electronics?
Me: yes sir.
Interviewer: write down the truth table of XOR gate.
I’ve done that.
Interviewer: are you correct?
Me: yes sir.
Interviewer: draw its logic diagram.
It was very easy.
Interviewer: I don’t think you are right………well………..draw the truth table of OR gate.
Me: answered.
Interviewer: you have done wrong.
Me: no sir, I am sure that I am right.Interviewer: are you confident?
Me: very much sir……..then I explained totally both the gates……………
Interviewer: ok you may go now.
Me: thank you sir.  

The main think they want to see is your confidence and eagerness to know something. You must be there with your bright face. If you don’t know something tell the truth. Be honest, polite and humble. And please never tell a lie.