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TCS campussing was done in our college in two stages:

1)    Aptitude test
2)    Technical and HR round


We were asked to be present at the seminar hall at 8.30am sharp. After the ppt which was given at around 9.30am; the aptitude started. We were divided into two batches. The first batch started their apti at around 11am and the second batch at 1pm.


Aptitude part:
It consisted of 3 sections:-
A) Verbal
It consisted of about 10 synonyms, 10 antonyms, followed by some questions on comprehension. For the synonyms and antonyms its better to go through Barron’s 12th edition book.

B) Quantitative
It consisted of problems from the following topics: Time & distance, time & work, permutation & combinations, probability, numbers, equations, average, simple & compound interest, ratio & proportions, Venn diagrams, allegation of mixtures, etc For this part I would suggest all of you to go through the book by R.S. Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude. You must also go through previous years question papers to get problems of similar types.
C) Critical Reasoning
It consisted of passages from Baron’s 12th editions model test papers. My passages were:
Model Test 1, Sec 6, Q8-11
Model Test 3, Sec 5, Q1-4
Model Test 4, Sec 6, Q8-12


Out of 216 students who appeared for the aptitude 170 students were selected for the interview.


Technical and HR:
We were asked to fill in the blue form and then we were called  one by one for interview.My turn came at about 9.40pm. I entered the administrative block room. There were 10 panels each having 2 interviewers. I was led to panel no 5. There were 2 young persons sitting. I asked them “May I come in”. They nodded. Then I asked them “May I sit”. They told yes. I thanked them. Then started my interview.
MR: Have u studied Microprocessor in ursem?
Me: Yes sir.
MR: Tell me how many pins are there in total?
Me: 40 pins.
MR: U r a student of electronics and communication engineering,  so define “communication”?
Me: Communication is the process of conveying or transferring messages from one point to another.    MR: Draw a circular Linked list?
Me: Drawn.
MR: Why TCS?
Me: Answered.
MR: What if I don’t hire u?
Me: Answered.
MR: What r urstrengths?
Me: Answered.
MR: What r the qualities of a good leader?
Me: Answered.
MR: He gave me a situation where I was the captain of a ship which was beginning to sink in the middle of the sea. H e then asked me what I would do if there were not as many lifeboats to accommodate all the passengers.
Me: Answered.
MR: Do u have any questions?
Me: Yes sir what r the programming languages that I need to learn before joining TCS.
MR: He asked me in which field I wanted to go?
Me: I answered Java.
MR: So he told me to learn Advanced Java & J2EE.


Then he shook hands with me.  I wished them “Good Night”. It was a brief 20mins interview and ended at 10pm.  The whole interview of our college ended at 11.30pm. We were all feeling very hungry so we went to our homes as early as possible.


The results were declared on 3rd Mar at about 4 pm.Of the 170 students 90 were selected. I had my name at no 48. It was a big moment of relief. Lots of congratulations were coming from both the friends and teachers. My parents were overjoyed.


One last tip I want to give to all of u:  If you r having a good academic background and is a good communicator in English, u r bound to get selected. And always be confident of what u are saying and practice apti well.


Thanks for reading this;

Best of luck and see u in TCS,