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Hello frnds,I am Samir Anand (MCA 4th sem),TCS recruitment team visited our campus on 24th march, and selected 310 students.It was  2 day process,written test followed by tech n hr interview (combined). nearly 560 turned up for written test, out of which 502 qualified for the next round, and finally 310 were selected......

I wud like to share my experience wid all of u .The paper as usual consisted of 3 sections-
1) VERBAL   ( 32 questions )
2) APTITUDE (38 questions )
3) CRITICAL REASONING ( 12 questions )  

in the verbal section there were 10 synonyms,10 antonyms,6 sentence completeion ques and 6 ques on reading comprehension.for this u just follow GRE Barron 12th edition,each n every ques comes from that particular book.

this is the exact ques that was in the paper:-(with ans) In a sense the university had failed. It has stores great quantities of knowledge; it teaches more people; and despite its failures, it teaches them better.__D___ . Of the great branches of knowledge- the sciences the  social sciences and humanities- the science are applied. Strenuous and occasionally successful efforts are  made to apply the social sciences, not almost never are the humanities well applied. We do not use philosophy in defining our conduct. __E__. The great task of the university in the next generation is to learn to use the  knowledge we have for the questions that come before us. __F___ The difference between a primary problem
 and a secondary or even tertiary problem is that primary problems tend to be around for a long time, whereas
the less important ones get solved.

One primary problem is that of interfering with biological development. ___A____. Obviously, there are benefits  both to individuals and to society from eliminating, or at least improving, mentally and physically deformed persons.  On the other hand, there could be very serious consequences if this knowledge were used with premeditation to  produce superior and subordinate classes, each genetically prepared to carry out a predetermined  mission. __B___, Here we have a primary problem that will still exist when we are all dead. Of course, the  traditional faculty members would say. “__C____”. And certainly they would not learn, but they would learn some other things.

A.    The next generation, and perhaps this one, will be able to interfere chemically with the actual development of an individual and perhaps biologically by interfering with an individual’s genes.
B.    This can be done, but what happens to free will and he rights of the individual
C.    But the students won’t learn enough to go to graduate school
D.    It is in the application of this knowledge that the failure has come.
E.    We do not use literature as a source of real and vicarious experience.
F.    The university should organize should organize courses around primary problems
G.    The universities greatest shortcoming is not to help students see the relevance of humanities to real problems.
H.    It is difficult for modern students, accustomed to the minute of film, to appreciate opera.
I.    It is necessary students to require to  include in their curricula liberal arts courses.

About aptitude, i wud just say no need 2 worry as it is the most easiest section,just practice papers of last 2 or 3 years and u will be able to solve all of them on the day of test.

some ques were as follows:--
Q1.     Fill in the missing number in the sequence  5       7      11      ??     35        67
    (a)   24  (b)  33  (c) 19   (d) 18  (e) 25

Q2.    In the following series, how many Ws are there such that each W is followed by an C next to it if the C is not followed by a S next to it?
W    C    W    S    Q    M    W    C    S    M    C    W    C    C    W    Q    M    W 
W    C    Q    W    C    S    C    W    A     M   C    W    C    M
(a)3    (b)    5(c)6    (d)4    (e)7

Q3.    If QMFBTF is coded as PLEASE how will HBJO be coded?
    (a)MIND    (b)ALERT    (c)TRIAL    (d) GAIN    (e) BRAVE

Q4.    Suppose the first and second letters in the word CONSTITUTIONAL were interchanged, also the third and fourth letters, the fifth and sixth etc.  Print the letter that would then be the tenth letter counting from  the right. 
 (a)    T          (b) I           (c) N           (d) O           (e) U

Q5.    How would the decimal number 520 be represented in a base -7 number System?
     (a) 1564                    (b) 1234             (c) 1342           (d) 1562         (e) 1672

Q6.    What is the largest prime number that can be stored in an 8-bit word computer?
    (a)    199                 (b) 251               (c)   201             (d)     233           (e)  257

Q7.    If n = 10 x 18 x 22, which of the following is NOT an integer?    
    (a)    n / 132        (b)    n / 55        (c)    n / 45
    (d)    n / 20        (e)    n / 78

Q8.    Which of the following is a power of 3?
    a.    2672        b.    2898        c.    2735
    d.    2187        e.    2413

Pick the odd one out

Q9.    (a)ORACLE    (b)INGRESS    (c) UNIX 
 (d)DB2        (e) SYBASE

Q10.    (a)SAP        (b)HTTP      (c)WAP   (d)SMTP        (e)ARP

Q11.    The three numbers in brackets represent the length of the sides of a triangle. Which of these does  not represent a proper triangle?
               (a)(2m,3m,4m)    (b)(1m,2m,4m)    (c) (3m,4m,5m) (d) (3m,3m,3m)         (e) (5m,3m,5m)    

Q12.    The three numbers in brackets in each of the following options represents the number of vertices,   the number of edges and the number of faces respectively. Find out which of these represents a solid planar cube?
                (a)  (4,8,12)     (b)  (8,12,6)    (c)  (8,6,12)    (d)  (8,8,8)   (e)  (12,6,8)

Q13.    Which set of data exhibits a higher Standard Deviation?
    (a)    7, 0, -7, 7, 0, -7    (b)    -7, -7, -7, -7, -7, -7 (c)    7, -7, 7, -7, 7, -7          
                (d)    7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7        (e)    7, 7, 7, 0, 7, 7

Q28.    Of the four vectors A,B,C,D find out which pair forms an orthogonal set
     A =  i+j, B = 3i+2j,  C =  -7i+j, D =  2i-3j
    (a)BD    (b)AD    (c)BC    (d)AC    (e)AB

Q29.    Evaluate the expression
    M (373,7) + R (5.8) + T (7.7) - R(3.4) where  M stands for Modulo arithmetic, R stands for Round-off operation and T stands  for Truncation Operation
    (a)13    (b)16    (c) 12    (d)19    (e)21

Q30.    Three independent mechanisms A, B and C have been incorporated for fuel saving in a car producing respectively 30%, 20% and 40% efficiency. Assuming that they operate independently, what is the net fuel efficiency achieved?
    (a)61 %    (b) 64%    (c) 62%    (d) 66.4%    (e) 69%

Q31.    The scores in class exams and final exam of 2 students are given as below:     
        Class exam        Final exam
        3            1.4
        3.5            1.65
Find the Class exam score of a student who has scored 6 in the Final exam.
    (a)12.2    (b) 13    (c)10.1    (d)10.2    (e)12.5

for the analytical part again its GRE Barrons (12th edition).solve the questions given in the 5 model test papers only...and it will be all..

some ques are:---
Model test paper 1  :  Section 5 : question 1-4
question 13-16
Section 6 : question  1-4
question   8-11
question 19-22
Model test paper 2 : Section 1 : question  1-4
question  8-11
question 19-22
section 6 :  question  1-4
question  8-12
question   13-16
question 17-22
Model test paper 3 : Section 5 :  question 1-4
question 13-16 
question 17-22
Section 6 : question 8-11
question 19-22
Model test paper 4 :  Section 5 :   question1-4
question 12-18
question 19-22
Section 6 :   question 1-4  
question 8-12  ( may change to Indian languages as mine was d case .)
question 13-16
Model test paper 5 :  Section 3 :
question 1-4
question 8-11
question 19-22 
Section 7 :   question 1-5
question 6-9                   

tech n HR interview:--
As i am a MCA student so the HR asked me questions about computers only,but b ready with some general definations
from ur core subject..

questions asked from me were---
1)how r u?
2)how r u feeling right now?
3)tell me something about urself?(b confident in answering but never boast urself)
4)which is ur fav subject? i told DBMS & 'C'
then the swithced on to technical questions:--
1)what is transaction,deadlock,methods to avoid deadlock.
2)M:N Mapping.
4)Volatile memory n cache memory.
5)Stack Operation--told me 2 write function for deletion operation in stack.

if u know the answer then its ok otherwise just tell them sorry.dont give wrong answer. at times they will try to confuse u bt u have to b confident...  finally d person  asked WHY TCS.......n that was all b confident n polite in answering..

i am very happy to be the part of TCS....now its ur turn.....ALL THE BEST