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I, Sunil Rana (Electrical & Electronics Engg)attended the off-campus placement drive of TCS on 24th of May conducted in Vardhaman Engg College in Hyderabad. I would like to share my experience  whch wud certainly help u in cracking n bagging d job, i cleared till the last round but wasnt anticipating ny call from TCS as i had an offer to join in another IT firm,i left TCS.
it was like 4 days of drive as der wer around 6000 students who wer appearin 4 TCS. each day 1500 wer cald for 4 consecutive days...(Cut- Throat Competition)
It was a complete shocker 4 evry1 as we discovered dat TCS written test was entirely changed.. A ppt was arranged as we entered in to hall.....
ranodeep sen, hr described about the company profile n also about TATA empire...if possible note down some points whch mite be askd in interview
He said dat with our batch written test is cpmpletely changed n it was based on TOUCHSTONE S/W whch was about to realease in the market. It was designd by IIT Chennai students n consisted of around 3Lacs Que in its database..The test copmrised of 35 Ques to be answered in 60 mins whcn can come from ny of dese 3 lak questions.The actual game was that there was negative marking of  -0.33 marks whch means 1 marks will be deducted for every 3 incorrect answers n d hr instructed  few points about how 2 login n  filling up d details(der was no confusion..it was very clear)
we wer made to go in batches n write the computer based test(Touchstone)

Trust me ,it was very user frndly n test was very very easy provided u must have gud verbal ability n analytical reasoning. the questions wer very lengthy of 9-10lines each, the  answer to d question lies in only 2-3 lines whch was quite confusing..it is the ability of d candidate to understand n answer

Fr Instance: X is 3 years yunger to Y. X's father is a businessman who invested 10000/- at 8% rate of interest n obtained his amount after 10 years. Y's father is a job holder who invested around 20000 at 2% rate n obtained his amount after 20 years.Now Compunded both of dem get around ABC rs/-(dnt remenbr).After 5 years the ratio of ages of X n Y is 1:2. Now X's father is 20 years older to Y n Y' father is 30 years more than X. After 20 years again
X's mother asks X's father to purchase a LCD TV whch costs around 45000/-. what is the age of X n Y together?

Here in d above question the answer lies in considering two statements 2gether i.e "X is 3 years yunger to Y" n "After 5 years the ratio of ages of X n Y is 1:2"
so most of the questions wer of this type whch was very very easy....some questions arised from Time n Distance a fibonacci series question
the que was: (it was also a lengthy que but i am shortening it)if the first 3 no.s are 1,3,8...so on (fibonacci series) den at whch postion will u get 143? 
Some wer from Problem on Ages, Probabilty, Reasonig, problem on Numbers(3 que very easy based on (a3-b3) formulas n  (a+b)2=a2+b2+2ab),Circle problems , Mind Boggling Ques.etc which wer very easy.
a single analogy ques:  people:democracy::wealth: X.....X is a)oligarchy b)anarchy c)monarchy d)democracy ans: A
 i answered around 28 of the questions which i was expexting all wer corect. honestly speking the time wasnt sufiicient...i was pretty confident dat i will clear d written test
n yes after 1 week i got an email regarding interview call in the same college.

My interview was scheduled around 2pm. We wer provided with a TCS application form whch we needed to fill n staple the resume along with it...Now a senior associate of TCS(around 60 years of age) came to adress abt the company profile(dis time in detail) n also discussed abt d job profile...it was related to "IT INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT SERVICES"  whch included technologies like CLOUD COMPUTING N REMOTE INFRSTRCTR etc
after 45  mins of boring ppt...we wer asked to go to the panel room(Interview room)
Der wer 2 rounds Tech N HR
First Tech.....i was bit nervous but confident..i askd a student who just came outside from d panel room...he said dat he was bombarded with C & Java question only for around 25 mins(he didnt clear later) n den i wnt in to....
Hr: Tell me abt urslf?
Me: answrd
Hr:So u com from EEE dept?
Me: Yes
Hr: Wht r d latest advncmnts in EEE indusry
Me: Answered with full confidence
Hr: Askd abt my project
Me: Answrd
Hr: U come from EE dept den y It?
Me: Answrd
Hr: How can u compete cs & it students if ur selected?
Me: I told hm dat i will not work for competing but will work hand in hand with cs & it students for team effort n achieving desired objectives n yes if i will get ny kind of doubts i will dfntly clear my doubts by asking dem
Hr: (Impressed) Superb..dats what we r looking out 4? grt
Me:(i was flying) again siad some points
Hr: Askd what do u knw abt C Language?
me: Answred Confidently
Hr: So what is mean by HVDC n FACTS? Explain 2 me as if i am a layman?
me: (i mentioned it in my resume) answerd him giving him correct explanation
Hr: Gud
Gave me a case scenario n i told him
askd me to leave the room
den all of us wer askd to sit in a classroom after Tech interview is over
many of dem wer rejected(huge elimination)...fortunately i was selected...
Den HR interview whch was a cakewalk
same que: career plans, y it? y tcs? askd few ques whc wer explained in seminar(note down points during seminar)...ru ok in working in nite shifts? i said yes(tricky que) askd me to leave
Dey said dat the results will be announced after 3 days (email)
I wasnt serious bcoz i already had an offer in my hand n had 2 join b4 announcement of results of TCS. So i didnt want to take ny risk
So frnds i hope my experience wud dfntly help u in ur preapration.
Remember  "With Gud Preparation a dull candidate can overscore a highly proficient candidate"
So work hard n all the best in ur endeavour.....!
Signing off