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Hi, I am PRITHWISH BANERJEE,recently I have been recruited from NIT, Kolkata by TCS.I am pursuing B.TECH with INFORMATION TECHNOLY(IT).Here I want to share my preparation and experience with you all.

The entire recruitment process consisted of:
i) Initial screening(60% in 10th ,12th and B-Tech)(219 were eligible in this phase)
ii) Online Aptitude Test(190 cleared this test)
iii) Personal Interview (Both Technical and HR interview)(130 cleared and selected

The aptitude test was online.
1. Verbal-40 Q / Time- 20 mins.
2. Quantitative-38Q / Time- 40 mins.
3. Critical Reasoning-12Q / Time- 30 mins.

Total time for aptitude test was 90 mins. (No ngtv marking & no sectional cut off.)

This section consists of 10 synonyms, 20 antonyms, 5 fill in the blanks and 5 mcq type questions from a passage.
For this section you have to prepare from
1. Barron?s GRE high frequency word list.
2. Barron?s GRE antonym questions.
3. Barron?s GRE sentence completion questions.
4. Barron?s GRE reading comprehension questions.

Prepare above all properly because they repeat questions from previous papers. They exactly give the passage from Barron?s GRE (Mainly from 12th edition).Even they do not change the values.

For this section initially u should start ur preparation with R.S.Agarwal or Taira(any one,no need to follow both of them).Then go thru the old papers,just u hv to know the methods to solve each question.
They change the numerical values and names only.
Also u need to practice Data Interpretation, Venn diagram and Pie Charts from Barron?s GRE.

3.Critical Reasoning:
Refer to GRE 12th edition (Go through these Questions given below???.In some Questions names and data were changed)

Model Test Paper 1:
Section 5: Ques.1-4 (For a motorist?)
Ques.13-16(In a certain society?.)
Section 6: Ques.1-4 (In country X, conservative?..)
Ques.8-11 (Tom wishes??)

Model Test Paper 2:
Section 1: Ques.19-22 (Delegations from Wallachia ?.)
Section 6: Ques.13-16 (Spelunkers international??)

Model Test Paper 3:
Section 5: Ques. 13-16(Observance of memorial?..)
Ques.17-22(An airdale??.)
Section 6: Ques.8-11 (At a formal??)

Model Test Paper 4:
Section 5: Ques.19-22(A, B, C or W may cause
Section 6: Ques.13-16(All A?s, B?s,)
Ques.17-22(At a Congress??)

Model Test Paper 5 :
Section 6 : Ques.1-5 ( In a certain Society??)
These are the most common items for TCS. Some of my frnds got common from this zone in our aptitude test.But I didn?t get common.So,I had to solve those on the spot.

Result of Aptitude Test was published at 2.45pm.Then I hd to wait a long time to get my call for interview.It was 10.45pm,I was called for my personal interview.I was so tired then.But I was still smiling. At first there were three persons in my panel. But at the end of my intrvw that number became five. But all of them were very friendly?..

Person3: Ur name is Prithwish?My boss?s name is Prithwish. Its a sweet name.
Me: Thank u sir. (Then he said,plz take ur seat.I said Thank u,sir.and then said Good
evening sir??.)
Person3: Why there is a dffrnce in ur percentages in 10th and 12th (seeing my C.V)?(Very
imprsd with my 10th percentage.)
Me: Answered properly with clear analysis.
Person3: Share ur project experience with us.(Both postv and ngtv).
Me: Shared all my xperiences.
Person3: What is ur favourite subject?
Me: C.
Person3: C is not a subject.And C is very common.(not imprsd).OK.Who is inventor of C?
Me: Answered???.
Person3: Do u know what was the name of C at the time of invention?
Me: I knew it sir, but I can?t recall it right now. (B honest and smart.Dont try to pretend).
Person2: Why have u chosen IT as ur career option?
Me: I suggest everyone to prepare a convincing ans of this Q.I gave a very suitable ans.
Persons2 : Who is ur father?Where is he?
Me: Answered???
Person2: Who is ur mother?..
Me: Answered?..
Person2: How does IT help ur parents?
Me: Explained well?.
Person4: (He came suddenly and joined to my panel) U hv done a paper(Seeing my
CV).I m very intrstd to knw abt ur paper.Pls share ur xprnce of paper
Me: Shared everything in detail regarding my xperience of paper presentation in
Varanasi .?? (He was very imprssd..Appreciated me for achieving such a rare
Person1: (He was busy with a form. After completing that one he started to ask me Qs)
Why there is a dffrnce in ur percentages in 10th and 12th (seeing my C.V)?
Me: Gave same ans as previous?..
Person1: What?s ur class rank?
Me: TOP in 4th sem (As we hv registered in TCS upto 4th sem.Then our result of 5th sem
was published.)???.
Person1: So u r TOPPER in ur class?
Me: Yes sir (With a big smile.)
Person1: Then What?s the rank in 5th sem ?
Me: 5th or 6th.
Person1: In 4th sem U ranked TOP and in 5th sem U ranked 5th.Why so?
Me: After 4th sem I was involved in my project and paper.So I had to spend most of the
times with these works to finish them successfully.For this reason I couldn?t
concentrate fully in my semester subjects and that was why I ranked 5th and not
TOP?(They laughed and they saw my certificate of paper presentation).
Person3: Which one is ur favourite subject in 5th sem?
Me: OOP concept with core JAVA.
Person3: What is OOP? Tell me any 4 features of OOPs..
Me: Defined OOP very well and told 4 features of OOP---1.ABSTRACTION, 2.
Person3: Just think I am a LAYMAN.I hv no idea abt OOPs. U hv to make me undrstnd
what is Polymorphism with proper example.
Me: Explained the concept of Polymorphism very well.( He was satisfied with my
explanation and said I hv no Qs.)
Person4: What was ur rank in class 10th exam?
Me: 36th in WEST BENGAL. (Very impressed and asked me to show him my certificate
of 10th .)
Person4: What r ur hobbies,Prithwish?
Me: Writing poems and Listening to music.
Person5: So if U r selected then we will get a poet.(All of them laughed. )
Person4: Hv u any proof of ur writing?
Me: Yes sir,(I have shown them our clg magazine ?CONFLUENCE? as one of my
poems named ?RATRI? published over there.)
Person1: Your poem is abt night,why not abt day?And I think night is a ngtv thought,so
(from this) can I conclude that u r a ngtv minded person???
Me: No sir,not at all.Bcz in this poem I hv tried to depict the various forms of night.And
if u think postvly,night is a junction of 2 days.Night comes after ending of a day
and before begining of a day.Night is basically a platform for starting of new
dreams and aspirations.So it is a complete postv thought.Nothing is ngtv in it.(He
was convincd and very impressd with my ans.His face was glowing with
satisfaction.He said?I hv no Qs?)
Person4: Do u hv any query?
Me: Asked abt training session of TCS.
Person4: Explained ???.R u mobile?????????????
Me: Yes sir,absolutely?
Person4: Ok,I hv no Qs.
Person2: Tell me any other subject which u prefer except C.
Person2: (Surprised to hear this sbjct as one of my favourite sbjct .) Is this ur favrt sbjct?
Me: Yes sir.
Person2: OK. Tell me what is SDLC?
Me: Explained very well?
Person2: What r the steps in SDLC????? Explain???
Me: Explained properly???(He was very impressed and satisfied with my
Explaination and then said I hv no Qs..)
Me: Thnk u sir.
Me: Good night,sir???

It was 11.20pm..I was very satisfied with my performance?...Our result was published on 3rd March,2008( After 3 days of INTRVW)..I was very happy to see my name in the list of the selected candidates?Lastly I want to say one thing----It is like a one day game.Getting a job is a magic of GOD, needs a support of ur LUCK.

Things to remember:
1. Be cool and confident.
2. Be optimistic.
3. Basic concepts of every topic should b very clear.
4. Whatever the terms u will use in ur intrvw u should hv full cnfdnt on it.
5. Answers should be compact and relevant. Never try to pretend. Be smart and honest.