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I am vinod...i got through TCS...we have TCS on our campus in july-2006 at hyd... I am giving u tips for TCS preparation :

TCS process consists of three rounds:

   1) Written
   2) Technical Intv
   3) HR Intv


First i will give u introduction about online test....It is conducted through QUBEX software which is very user friendly...first we will have  sample test for 3 minutes which is not count into our real test. After that our real test follows...

We have three colors of buttons on right hand side labeled with question nos... when we click on the button, question will be displayed in the text area...and we have to select the correct option and click on SUBMIT button...note that we have to click on SUBMIT  for each question answered.. other wise it will not count into our result.. it is very important...some students click submit at the end of all questions answered and not selected due to their mistake. Initially the buttons will have in some color( i don't remember the exact color)...but after clicking we have these colors changed into...
Green :- visited but not answered. i.e. clicked on the question button, not answered and not clicked on SUBMIT.

Orange :- visited and answered. i.e. clicked on the question button, selected the answer and clicked on SUBMIT.

Check that finally the all buttons will have to be in orange color...meaning that u have answered all questions...
We can change the answer...by clicking that question button, select different option and click on SUBMIT again...
Time will be displayed on right hand upper side...after time has run out, next section continues...

it consists of three sections

a) Verbal : (32 Questions, Time:20min)
Synonyms : 10
Antonyms : 10
Sentence completion : 7
Reading comprehension : 5

Synonyms and antonyms :
for this just go through  following in 12th or 13 th GRE Barons:
1. Antonyms in five model papers at the end of book and also diagnotic test at the beginning of book.

2. Antonym exercises labeled a, b, c, d, e.
3. we have TEST at the end of each word list...just buttify them...no need of knowing the meaning. u have to prepare like...if u saw question.. u have to just identify the answer among the options. The options also repeated which are in the book.

If u have less time, then only prepare TESTS that r labeled as only "synonyms"
or "antonyms". i.e

synonyms (word list Tests) : 1, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, 20, 21, 25, 26, 30, 31, 36, 40, 46, 50.
antonyms(word listTests) : 2, 3, 6, 8, 12, 14, 17, 18, 22, 23, 27, 28, 32, 33, 35, 37, 38, 41, 42, 47, 48.

Out of 20 synonyms and antonyms, I have 17 from the above three.           

Sentence completion :

It is the toughest. we have to be so much proficient in english to answer this.

Reading comprehension :
For this.. go through the five model papers in at the end of GRE barons 12 th or 13th book.. and also diagonitic test at the beginning of book and also RC exercises labeled A, B, C, D, E. Just remember  the answers.

I got: Paralleling the growth of interest among professional historians....(Model paper 5 , P.No:641)
Some of my friends got: The atmosphere is a mixture of...(RC exercise E, P.No:119)
some got different ones which r not in book ..so its ur luck if u got from above.     
b) Quantitative : (38 questions, 40 mins)
All r from previous papers...model is the same but careful that numbers r changed...don't buttify  the answers.. know the procedure to solve.
c) Critical Reasoning : (12 Questions, 30 mins)

3 passages, each consists of 4 questions.
For this go through the five model papers in at the end of GRE barons 12 th or 13th book.. all three passages r from those only. Just buttify the answers.

I got these passages:
1. In country X, the conservative, democratic and justice parties(model paper-1, sec-6, ques (1-4))

2. Byram and Adoniram are code clerks...(Model paper-2, sec-6, Ques(1-4))
3. Seven verity basket ball players are to be honored (model paper-5, sec-7, ques(6-9))

 Remember there is upper cut off...dont be put on every thing, be sure that ur range does not exceed  60-65 out of  80Qs

2)Technical Interview:

Go throgh the following to clear any interview :
Be perfect in ur favourate subjects. and also basics from other subjects. (for CSE students)
All topics from  C, C++.

C programs :

factorial using recursion, fibnocci, prime no, pallindrome for strings and nos,swap with out using temporary var, string copy, conacatnate, matrix mulipication.

Operating systems :
processor sheduling, paging, Memory management, deadlock, Process management, virtual memory concept. 


Normalization, SQL, Indexing, Hashing, Cursors, Triggers, Different types of joins.

Networks :
OSI, TCP/IP reference models, toplogies, ehernet, FDDI, Token ring, Routing, ATM, IP addressing.

Data structures :

Sorting, searching, stack, que, Linked lists, tree, BFS, DFS. 

Software Engg :
sofwre development models, different strategies of testing (unit testing, integration testing...), Types of testing ( white or black box).

I have these questions : I said favourate subjects as c, c++, OS. So i have.. merge sort, prime no programs, virtual funtions, demand paging, What r oop concepts.

3) HR Interview :

Be prepared for following questions:

Tell about ur self, strengths & weaknesses(very imp),why TCS, What do know about TCS, Why should we hire u(indirectly mention ur strengths),where do u see ur self after 3 years.

Strengths & weaknesses r very important...be preapred to give exlanation in support of ur strenghts, like if u said Responsible Person...then be prepared for question why do u think so? then explain with an example...Strengths r the which will differentiate u from others& it may be alone reason to hire u.... understand, why iam sterssing this much on strengths...so prepare answer for above and frame a neat example(think of ur real strengths)...while saying ur example..not to be too explanative...be in short.
After that they told about the bond i.e. for two years.   

that is  all  i have my experience with TCS process.

Follow the above things. I am sure U will get placed.
All The Best.

(Paper Submitted By : Vinod)