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Hai Friends!!!!

I am SwethaReddy from Electronics and instrumentation branch. I am very happy to share with you that Iam placed in TCS.


TCS visited our campus KITS,Warangal on 15th july 06.Selection process taken place for 2 days.

It consists of 3 rounds

1.Written Test

2.Technical + H.R







This was online exam.Each one got different set of questions.

It consists of 3 sections------

1.verbal-10 antonyms,10 synonyms,one passage with in the form of sentence completion.

2. 40 quantitative aptitude questions and one reading comprehension of 5 questions.

3.Critical reasoning.(3 questions which carrys 30 marks).

There is sectional cut-off.

For Antonyms read Barrons antonym practice exercises,they are 100 questions and you will get almost all antonym questions from it only.

For synonyms read Barrons orelse read previous papers collection of TCS meanings.

I got almost all antonyms and synonyms from previous papers only but my friends said that they didn’t get single meaning from previous papers.

Every one got total 40 quant questions from previous papers,not even single question other than previous papers.So,do all questions from previous papers ,they are almost 150 different questions from all previous papers,be thorough with them.To be safe side do R.S.AGGARWAL also.

For critical reasoning do analytical section questions from model test papers of Barrons 12th edition compulsory because you will get almost all critical reasoning questions from it orelse atleast you will get sectional cut off marks if you do it.

Compulsary do previous papers ,it is must.If you have luck you may get entire questions from them only.



In this round there were two panel members one was asking technical and other h.r.

For Electronics students they asked tehnical questions from

C,Digital circuits,Microprocessor and for computer science students c,java,dbms,os etc.

Digital circuits----- truth tables and symbol of gates (and ,or,nand,xor,---),realization of gates,SR,JK FF’S truth tables and figures,decoder,encoder,mux and de-mux,difference b/w decoder and mux(decoder with enable i/p is mux) etc.

Microprocessor(mp)-architecture of 8086mp(flags,segment registers,BIU,EU),difference b/w 8085 and 8086mp(8086 is 16 bit mp and 8085 is 8 bit mp).

C-break,continue,structures,dynamic memory allocation,sortings,search’s,loops and some other basic questions,programs such as palindrome,perfect no.,Fibonacci series.Be prepared with all c basics.

Only Definations of Data structure,stack,queue,linked list,double linked list,circular LL.

My interview:

Interviewer(I):How did you prepare for the interview?

Me(M):Yesterday I gone through some technical subjects and today morning a little bit of interview.

I:A little bit of interview?

M:yes sir(smiling).

I:Is this your photograph?

M:yes sir,it was my intermediate photograph.

I:what are your favourate subjects?

M:Transducers and microprocessor.

I:Tell me something about 8086 mp?

M:I said entire architecture of 8086 for 2 to 3 minutes.

I:What do you know abt C language?

M:It’s a middle language, bla, bla…..

I:what is a language?

M:Gave some answer.

I:What is operating system?

M:It is an interface b/w computer and user.

I:what are the operating system you know?

M:windows XP and MS DOS.

I:what are the differences b/w them?

M:windows xp is multi user and user friendly and dos is single user .

I:what is virtual memory?

M:I don’t know sir(Be frank).

I:what are the topics you know in C?

M:Arrays ,structures,unions,pointers,files………

I:where do the control go after execution of the break statement in the below program?











M:I didn’t say it correctly,but actual answer is control goes out of only that loop in which break stmt is present and executes the stmts of next for loop.

I:Can you write a program to print Fibonacci sereies?


I:This is simple method ,can you write in other way?

M:yes sir in recursions.

I:what is a recursion?

M:A function which calls itself untill condition is false.

I:what is goto statement?

What is continue statement?

What are the different types of loop’s and their differences?

What is linked list?

(these all are basic and easy questions and gave correct answers to all of them).

I:what is firmware?

I:write a program for swapping of two numbers without intermediate variables?

M: a=a+b;



I:Are, all of you discussing about the interview questions in the room?

M:yes sir.(smiling).

I:what are your friends saying about interview?

M:They said that you were asking some technical questions and some general questions.

But, sir I know this swapping program before only infact I only said to some of my friends. (Remember they will ask this type of questions to test you);

I:My speed is 20km/hr and your speed is 40km/hr but we must both reach the destination at same time .what you will do?

M:Sir,I will reduce my speed in order to make you win.

I:That means you decline your self?

M:yes sir,there will be no problem for me to decline myself if there is any good reason bla,bla,bla……

He also asked some question in between.

He handed over my resume to HR who is sitting beside him.

HR:what are your weakness?

M:(I told him one weakness but he asked me to say another weakness also).so prepare two or more weakness to answer.

HR asked me about one achievement which I specified in resume and said "ANY QUESTIONS"

I asked one question "TCS is getting 65% of revenue from U.S and only 12% from INDIA,why so?

He explained for 2 min with figures,calculations.

He said any more questions?

I asked another question and he explained very clearly.

Preplacement talk(ppt) is very important,listen carefully.you will get total information about the company in ppt.so note down important points about the company which they mention(such as company’s goal,vision,values,their areas) because in both technical and HR rounds they ask questions about the company compulsory such as "WHY TCS?","WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT TATA","IN WHAT AREAS DO TATA’S GIVE THEIR SEVICES?". They will also ask "WHY I.T?" for non I.T students.


I:Hi Swetha how are you?

M:fine mam.

I:How did your technical round happen?

M:Fine mam.I was pretty confident that I will get through it.(smiling).

She saw my achievements in resume and asked about each one specifically.(It took around 8 to 10 min).

Next she asked that why did you get 77% in 10th standard ,and 91% in intermediate and in engineering 78%.why did it reduce?

I said that since I was much into curricular activities in school and in enginnering level such as participating in paper presentations,organizing events bla,bla,bla……………….that’s why my % decreased in engineering eventhough 78% in B.TECH is not a bad score.

Next she asked what are the problems you faced in organizing the events in your college?What did you learn from your seniors while working in a team during organizing the events? Tell me a situation where you have been proved wrong and other members in team right?

Next she asked " Tell me about TCS?"

I said about their areas of work and their diversified areas such as banking, consultancy, engineering services ,IT infrastructure.

Then she asked What do TCS do in banking?and What is meant by consultancy services? And so on…….about the company and their areas of work.

At the end she asked "Any Questions?".


On the whole both the interview rounds were easy.

At the end they announced that they selected 31 students.


ALL D BEST TO EVERY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely you will get placed in your dream company….


Swetha Reddy.