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Hi friends...I don’t know whether I would be selected in TCS or not...but my experience may help u....On 14th Feb. we had a formal ppt. after that there was an online aptitude test. You need at least 7 days preparation for this aptitude test.

Aptitude test consists of 3 sections.

1. VERBAL: the most difficult one. 10 antonyms 10 synonyms 6 RC and 6 questions from passage. You need to mug up high frequency word list(I did almost 400 words from Barron and previous year TCS papers ) from Barrons 12th edition. I had 9 common from there. for antonyms again u need to mug up barrons antonym  exercise. RC was too tough for me. So I used assumption. Passage was easy but time consuming so better do it at last.

2. QUANTITATIVE: the most scoring part of the aptitude test. there was 38 questions. All u have to do is to collect previous years papers and solve them. Freshers world’s power preparation was also helpful to me.

3.LOGICAL REOSNING: again another scoring part. U need to mug up barrons model test (12th edition). specially passages which have 4 or more questions. if you don’t understand the passage just MUG UP the answers . i was lucky. There will be 3 passages with 4 questions each. All 3 passages was common.

There was NO SECTIONAL CUT OFF, NO NEGATIVE MARKING. So attempt all questions. Nearly one and half hours later the results were out. 278 out of 427 students were selected.
On 16th we had our technical HR interview. reporting time was 10 and I was called at 5 30 pm.
My panel consists two men. both from mid fourties. The greeted me with smile.
INT: hello Debanjan, i am......... and he is ...... (they shook my hand)
ME: good afternoon sir.
INT: please have a sit.
ME: thank you sir.
INT: how was the day?
ME: hectic but exciting.
INT: why exciting?
ME: i am about to give my first interview, that too in TCS .inst it exciting enough??
INT: tell me about your hobbies.
ME: said
INT: who is the lead guitarist in Nirvana?
ME: said
INT: what happened to him???
ME: said
INT: which is your favorite song from Nirvana??
ME: said.
INT: who is the backbone of Pink Floyd?
ME: said.
INT: have you seen ‘the wall’.
Me: yes.
INT: have you understood that film?
ME: no. (always be honest and confident. that was my mantra)
INT: in what genre of music you put floyd?
ME: psycodelic rock(He was impressed at this point.i thought my interview was going well. but I was proved wrong .)
INT: now lets talk about some technical questions. how much will you grade yourself in C.
ME: i don’t believe in ratings, because ratings are relative (he stopped me there)
INT: don’t say diplomatic answers . you are mugging up answers you got from internet.
If dennis Ritchie is 10 and I am 1 then where is you?
ME: somewhere between 0 and 1.
Int: what is your favourite subject?
ME: C.
INT: other than C?
ME: data structures.
INT: other than data structures?
ME: java.
INT: what about micro processor??
ME: I am not that much confident.
INT: what about CO?
ME: I am not that confidant?
INT: circuit theory? you should know all about these things. okay you just right a hello world programme in C.
ME: done
INT: what is this include section?
ME: said .
INT: what is header file?
ME : said.
INT : r u confident in pointers???
ME: yes.
INT: wap to print a  string using pointers without using a character array.
ME: I cant do sir.
INT: okay u know data structures?
ME: yes.
INT : what is method overloading?
ME: said.
INT: what is the difference in data structures of c and data structures of  java.
ME: don’t know sir,
INT: what is jsp? Ata? System intrigation controller?? Java beans??
ME: I don’t know sir.
INT: then whay r u here.
ME: sir these are from advanced java and I will learn that in next sem.
INT: what r your subjects in this sem??
ME: said.
INT: do you have any problem on relocation??
ME: (I was little surprised in this sudden subject change) NO.
INT: we will have a medical check up if you r selected. Do you have any medical issue like colour blindness etc.
ME: no.
INT thank you Debanjan ,nice to meet you.
ME: thank you sir, it was a learning experience. 

My stressful interview came to an end. My HR was good. But I cant give too much answers from technical.they asked me from advanced java. and I wasn’t at all comfortable with that.

Results will be out today. But I don’t think I will be selected.