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I am Agniv Roy Choudhury, recently I have been campus recruited from NIT Kolkata by TCS.I am a third year student from electrical background and as you know it's a tough competition for us to enter the software profession. I have found that there is no material for electrical department so I am compiling and sending my preparation to you all.

recruitment process consisted of:
i) Initial screening(60% in 10th ,12th and  B-Tech)(209 were screened from over 300 in this phase)
ii) Aptitude Test(98 cleared this test)
iii) Technical Interview(47 cleared the technical round)
iv) HR Interview.(40 people got through the HR round)


The aptitude test was written.
1. Verbal-30 Q
2. Quantitative-38Q
3. Critical-12Q


Total time for aptitude test was 90 mins.
Cut off for aptitude test was 46 as told by the others.


This section consist of 10 synonyms, 10 antonyms, 5 fill in the blanks and 5 mcq type questions from a passage.

For this section you have to prepare from

1. Barron’s GRE high frequency word list.
2. Barron’s GRE antonym questions.

3. Barron’s GRE sentence completion questions.
4. Barron’s GRE reading comprehension questions.


Prepare above all properly because they repeat questions from previous papers. They exactly give the passage from Barron’s GRE. They do not change the values.



 For the quants go thru the old papers just know the methods to solve each question.

They change the numerical values and name only.

Also follow Data Interpretation, Venn diagram and Pie Charts from Barron’s GRE.



Refer to GRE 12th edition (Go through these Questions given
below……….In some Questions names and data were changed)

Model Test Paper 1:
Section 5: Ques.1-4 (For a motorist…)
Ques.13-16(In a certain society….)
Section 6: Ques.1-4 (In country X, conservative…..)
Ques.8-11 (Tom wishes……)

Model Test Paper 2:
Section 1: Ques.19-22 (Delegations from Wallachia ….)
Section 6: Ques.13-16 (Spelunkers international……)

Model Test Paper 3:
Section 5: Ques. 13-16(Observance of memorial…..)
Ques.17-22(An airdale…….)
Section 6: Ques.8-11 (At a formal……)

Model Test Paper 4:
Section 5: Ques.19-22(A, B, C or W may cause
Section 6: Ques.13-16(All A’s, B’s,)
Ques.17-22(At a Congress……)

Model Test Paper 5 :
Section 6 : Ques.1-5 ( In a certain Society……)

There was only one person in my panel. But he was more than enough.

Person: Introduce yourself?
Me: bla bla...
Person: So your hobby is listening music and travelling (seeing my C.V)?
Me: yes
Person: What kind of music u prefer?
Me: generally band music…Bengali, Hindi, English band.
Person: Urfav Bengali band?
Me: Fossils.

Person: what abt Miles?
Me: I also like it……….

Person: I like Miles. Ur last visited place? What’s the speciality of that place?
Me: Kedarnath & Badrinath……scenic beauty…quietness….religious matters.

 Person: What’s the difference bet ac motor and dc motor?

 Persons : What’s the difference bet  malloc and calloc?
Me:  explained………

 Person: What is macro? Explain with a prog..


Person: What’s the difference bet #include and #include”xyz”?

Me: explained….

Person: What is rectifier?

Me: explained……

Person: Draw ckt diag and waveform of half wave and full wave rectifier?

Me: explained…..

 Person: What’s the difference bet structure and union?

Me: explained……….

Person: What’s the difference bet MP 8085 and 8086?

Me: explained….


At this he was very much impressed and asked me if I am feeling comfortable as I was smiling at his every word. I said I am all right. He bid me best of luck and recommended me to HR.


There were two persons in the panel.


Person: Tell me about yourself which is not in urC.V?

Me: bla bla...

Person: Why should we hire you?

Me: bla…bla….

Person: Can you prove that you are confident and sincere?

Me: bla..bla..

Person: where do u see urself after 3 years?

Me: bla…bla..

Person: o.k. Mr. Agniv ..it is nice to talk with you….

Things to remember:
**plz don't visit the companies site the day before campussing for collecting  information. You will get the latest update through preplacement talk.
**Practice GRE barron's more than the question papers.
**Be confident in what ever you are saying


Follow the above things. I am sure U will get placed.
All The Best………………..