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Name--- KRISHANU  SAHA (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Pre-Final Year) Selected in TCS on 7th / 8th March, 2007

Aptitude & Technical Round on 7th March, 2007 HR Round on 8th March, 2007


Well the general trend of TCS is that TCS’s main elimination round is their APTITUDE….

Aptitude exam can be ONLINE or WRITTEN Format…The cut-off for written test is slightly higher than that of  Online exam…There are no sectional cut-offs in aptitude…



Section 1 – Verbal (English)….

This portion is really tough….It consists of 10 Synonyms, 10 Antonyms, 5 Sentence completion & a passage followed by 5 questions…

For synonyms & antonyms prepare from previous question papers and GRE Barron’s… But actually in my case I got only 4 common antonyms and 2-3 synonyms…Rest were all uncommon and a bit tough…

Some words that came in our college exam are---

Synonyms – Garrulous, Galleon, Candid (Rest I can’t remember)

Antonyms – Admonish, Quixotic

Sentence completion- 1 passage was given with blanks…we have to fill in (Options were given)…The passage was on “Fungi”

Reading Comprehension – Passage was on Historical Events…

Section 2  – Quantitative Part….

40 questions….Just prepare the various types from previous question papers….that is enough…..it is the easiest part of the ”PAPER”

Questions on Series, Venn-Diagrams, Time & Work, Data-Interpretation, Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test etc etc.


Section 3 - Critical reasoning---

Prepare from GRE Barron’s 12th edition if you have…..RS Aggarwal might not be sufficient…

3 puzzles, 15 questions….

1) Puzzle on Motorist going from City A to City B by various routes/means.

2) Puzzle On Language Interpreter.

3) Puzzle on Two communities--Red & Brown

Note – In our exam, the questions following the puzzle were all changed from the previous papers….



My Interview was at 11:15 PM at night….There were two persons in my panel…They were really nice people….

They asked me various questions(Note that I am from Electrical Engineering Branch)---The Questions they asked me were….

1) Tell me something about yourself…

2) What are your strengths?

3) What are your weaknesses?

4) What do you mean by a “True Professional”?

5) What are your hobbies?

6) What do you mean by a Computer?

7) What do you mean by Hardware & Software?

8) What do you mean by a device & driver?

9) What do you mean by Operating System?

10) Have you done any projects?

11) What do you mean by “Microprocessor”?

12) What are the things that you know in computer?

13) What do you know in “C”?

14) Write any program in “C”…

15) What are the types of transformers?

16) Any Questions…..

17) If  I don’t select you, then what will you do?


After this the interviewers stood up and shook hands with me….They told me to wait outside..They were always smiling and me too…

Note-Always be confident, smile, believe in yourself with a +ve attitude etc etc in an interview…Be natural and true to yourself….Always tell the truth…



My HR was on the next day….My interview was at around 3:30 PM…They asked me the following questions…

1) Tell me something about yourself….

2) What are your weaknesses?

3) What will you do to get rid of your weaknesses?

4) Why should TCS hire an Electrical Engineer?

5) Any Questions….


The Final Result was declared at around 4:30 PM….


Some Statistics::-

Total sat for TCS (from our college)—172

Cleared Aptitude --- 79

Cleared Technical --- 38

Cleared HR---37 (Final Selection)


Krishanu Saha