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Hi Guys ,

I attended TCS ONLINE Selection process on 6 oct 2007,
i want to share my experience for ur preparation guidance.....

In 1st ROUND:(according to online test)

  1. verbal (for this u have to prepare from GRE BARRON's model 5 test paper's opposites is enough..and for Syn previous year Questions..)
  2. aps (only previous question papers of TCS only go through that definitely u'll get from that only...)
  3. ciritical reasoning.(for this u prepare from GRE BARRON's 5 Model test Paper is more than enough).

VERBAl:(recently asking....)

Censure - fault, criticize
Optimum- best, most favorable
Candid- frank, open, blunt, upfront, forth-right
Cite - quote, name, mention, refer to, allude to
Effusive - demonstrative, fussy, talkative, overenthusiastic,vociferous, extroverted
Voluble - articulate, vociferous, talkative
Banal - commonplace, trivial, predictable, trite, hackneyed
Standing - rank, permanent, position, duration, status, reputation,eminence
Nascent - budding, emerging, blossoming, embryonic
Clutch - grasp, grab, hold
Generic - general, basic, common
Empirical -experimental, pragmatic, practical
Anomaly - irregularity, glitch, difference
Circuitous - roundabout, twisty, meandering, indirect, winding, tortuous
Surveillance - observation, watch, shadowing
Objective - aim, impartial, real, purpose, goal
Raucous - rough, wild, hoarse, guttering
Voracious - insatiable, avid, hungry, big, rapacious, greedy
Pedigree - rare-breed, full-blooded, lineage
Fidelity - loyalty, reliability
Augment - supplement, boost, add to, bump up
Precarious - unstable, shaky, risky, uncertain
Derogatory - disparaging, critical, insulting, offensive
Onus - responsibility, burden, obligation, duty
Analogous - similar, akin, related
Expedient - measure, convenient, device, maneuver
Compliance - fulfillment, obedience
Diffident - shy, insecure, timid
Plaintive - mournful, sad, melancholic, nostalgic, lamenting
Insinuate - imply, suggest, make-out, ingratiate yourself
Misdemeanor - wrong, sin, crime, offense
Exonerate - clear, forgive, absolve
Gregarious - outgoing, extroverted, sociable, expressive, unreserved
Benign - kind, benevolent, compassionate
Attenuate - satisfy, calm, soothe, ease
Sonorous - loud, deep, resonant, echoing
Bolster - boost, strengthen, reinforce, encourage
Heterodox - unorthodox, dissenting, contrary to accepted belief,heretical, deviating
Restiveness - impatience, restlessness, nervousness
Effigy - image, statue, model
Retrograde - retrospective, traditional, conservative,nostalgic,forward-looking(antonym)
Sacrosanct - sacred, holy, revered
Dangle - hang down, sway, droop, swing, suspend
Cryptic -mysterious, enigmatic, puzzling, hidden
Debilitate - incapacitate, weaken, hamper, encumber, hinder
Divulge - reveal, disclose
Spendthrift - wastrel, squanderer, compulsive shopper
Indigenous -native, original, local
Erroneous - mistaken, flawed, incorrect
Minion - follower, subordinate, underling, gofer
Veracity - reality, truth, sincerity. 

2nd Round Technical:
According to this round they shoot u only in Projects,Paperpresentations,and Area of interest. So be clear with this ...

HR Round :
Its So Simple, they check only ur Confidence level and not on ur exact skills...
So answer for every question with full Confidence and Be frank if u dont know the answer..
 I hope it will be useful for ur preparation....