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         Hi, my self SUJIT KUMAR GUPTA (CSE 3rd Yr.)from MALLABHUM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.I m very happy after getting  placed in TCS held on 18th of March.It was an on campus.
We were lucky to face the test as off line.


         Basically there was three round throughout recruitment process.




         There were three sets of questions:X,Y,Z. Aptitude test basically had three sections. Mine was set X.


         10 Synonyms,10 Antonyms,7 fill in the blanks with 10 to12 options provided,1unseen passage.

         Go through GRE 333 High Frequency words and once have look over the exercises given  After the each alphabets.From high frequency words   u  may get 5-6 common.


  For Antonyms there r five excercises in GRE,go through all of them.
  And rest of this section was really tough.Don’t worry,there was no sectional cut-off.



         This section is the easiest of all the section.There  was more or less 40 question frm this sec.  Just go through the previous 3-4 years TCS papers and be through with the following chapters OF R.S.Aggrawal:
         1.Time and distance

         2.Time and work



         5.Problem on ages

         6.Profit and loss

         7.Boats and streams

         8.Chain rule

         9.Pie charts and Bar graph(12 question from this chapter only)*

         Odd one out from previous TCS  papers. 

         I m sure that u practice well u will be able to answer all the question of this section.



         There was 12 question in this section.Actually there was 3 critical reasoning having 4 question each.Follow strictly GRE 12th edition.All the 3 reasonings were from there only.Rather if u r unable to understand the logic by heart the answers.



         My technical round was taken around half an hour.Be cool and confident what u r speaking. Don’t get too xcited and nervous, if u don’t know particular topic.Always try to bring them in ur area of interest and be polite over there.


         Following r the questions asked to me in interview:

       1.Tell me about urself?

         2.Whats ur favaroit subjects?

         3.Explain QUICK SORT and its complexity in each of the case?

         4.Asked about LINK LIST,STACK,QUEUE?

         5.How many types of sorting r there?

         6.What is recursion and to write a program to find factorial of anumber?

         7.what do u mean by #?

         8.Write a program to swap the value of the two variable without using the third variable?

         9.What is macro?

         10.Sudenly he asked me that “why TCS should take u”?

         11.Prove urself that ur the best?

         12.What is O.S.?

         13.what is Booting?Hard booting and soft booting?

         14.What is “DEADLOCK”?

         15.how does deadlock occurs?and how it can be prevented?

         16.Explain “BANKER’S ALGORITHM”.

         17.what is priority scheduling?

         18.What is SEMAPHORES?

         19.What is Multitasking,Multiprocessingand cPU scheduling?

         20.what is INTERRUPT?Difference b/w Hardware and software interrupt?

         21.Do u have any question about TCS?

         The result were told within few minutes. Now I was recommended for next round. Total 22 cleared technical round.

       In HR round friendly environment was created.Tell the truth else u will be in trouble later. Be frank with them as if u are talking to ur friend.

        1.Tell me about urself?
         2.Which place do u like most and why?

         3.what do u know about TCS?

         4.Why should we take u?

         5.What is ur future planning?

         6.why MBA?(As I told them that I want to do MBA)

         And few more questions were asked.


         Finally 22 was selected in TCS.No one was eliminated.This day was life’s most happiest day ie D day of my life.

         In HR if ur communication skills r good need not to worry.


                                          “ U TOO CAN CRACK TCS”


                            WISH           U           ALL            THE            BEST