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Hi frens...I'm  M RAMCHAND CH from Padmasri Dr.B.V.Raju Institute of Technology in Hyderabad..TCS had come for campus recruitment in our campus on 9th and 10th..I'm one among 248 that attempted the written test. 119 were selected to the technical interview.73 were selected to management round.54 were selected to the HR interview.51 were finally selected to TCS .There is NO Sectional Cutoff but we had upper cutoff which was not revealed..

The written test consists of 3 sections and is an online test of 90 min.
1) Verbal (10 synonyms,10 antonyms ,1 sentence completion paragraph with 6 blanks and 1 reading comprehension with 6 questions) ---32 questions, 20min.
2) Aptitude section (32 questions ,40 min)
3) Critical Reasoning questions.(3 Problems with 4 questions on each ie 12 marks )-- 12 questions,30 min

As far as my experience is considered ..
Verbal:--It is not so tough...One who has a good grip on English can write 6 to 8 synonyms and some antonyms..Reading comprehension is difficult.. So, don't waste your time reading it,..Sentence completion is a bit tough..It has a passage with several blanks.. we need to fill it with appropriate options..I'll tell u a tip for scoring well in your sentence completion..
Tip:--Guys, go through the passage completely.. you'll find punctuation marks missing.. the answers contain the appropriate answers with punctuation marks..

Example:--Helium balloons float in the cool morning air over Nevada's Black Rock Desert. They're part of a scheme to _____1_____. There is a race to put the first amateur rocket into space. John Powell leads the effort. His California company wants to be the first. "It's so much safer to do it, there's so much less fuel, it's a much ____2___, it's the ideal way to go." To save fuel, he's using helium balloons_____3_______ to 100,000 feet before ignition. But during an attempt last weekend over Black Rock Desert___________________ High desert winds caused a balloon to burst. The launch platform fell to the ground. The next day, Powell's team tried again. This time, they launched the rocket. It set_____4______ record -- about 75,000 feet (approximately 22 kilometers),but it fell short of a space flight. Powell says he'll be back on the desert with another rocket within weeks______5________. Another rocketeer is Tom Rouse, who will try to get his rocket into space later this summer. "I guess you'd call it low-tech," Rouse says of his creation. "Solid rocket fuel's been around since the '50s. We're just using engineering techniques that will ______6______.
1. cheat gravity
2. slower process
3. to boost his rocket
4.an official altitude
5., there were problems with his plan.
6.minimize failure."

Aptitude Section:
1.series completion- 8,10,12,17,__,26,22
2.348 in base 6 is _________
3. REASON is coded as COMPU then RMOUL
4.ORGANISATIONAL, first is interchanged with sec, third with fourth and so on, then which is 10th char from right
5.a=10*18*22 which is one is integer
a) n/39 b)n/132 c)n/55..
7.>f(1)=1,f(2)=3 f(n)=n*n -1,then f(6)=?
8.@represents square and + represents square root what is the value of @@+25-++@p
8.A is twice efficient as B and A completes work in three forth of time as B, A & B together completes the work in 18 days, how many days required for A to complete the work.
9.odd man out: a.linux b.unix c.db d.xp
10.problem on pie chart.
11.finding out equation of curve
12.odd man out: a.linux b.unix c.db d.xp
13.HTTP,SMTP,ARQ,SAP and 2 more

prepare from previous papers.. that would help u a lot..
problem on latitude.etc
problem on venn diagram.
Go through the venn diagrams, bar charts and pie diagrams before going to the exam.. Prefer-- RS aggarwal for venn, bar and pie

Critical Reasoning
This section consisted of 3 Problems with 4 questions each. This section is from GRE BARRONS 12TH EDITION. There is change the character names but by solving or mugging up dose passages we can easily get on in this section..this is very crucial...The character names are changed asif the word is “HUDSON” in Barrons, it would be “HUBLI” in paper..

its easy to crack the written test

Technical Interview
Main areas of interest (Prefer this order while ur preparing) are
3.Operating Systems
5.Software Engineering
7.remaining subjects...be thorough with any three, because the interviewer will ask ..Tell any three of your favourite subjects??

My technical interview..
The interviewer asked me questions from OS,Java,C,SE,UML,DBMS..Areas of concentartion are C,Java,OS
Interviewer:- Tell the disadvantages of using Vista..
I:- Sir, I guess telling advantages would be tougher..
he gave a big smile
blah blah blah..Its al funny..
I answered all the questions to the fullest..
I'm 100% sure that i did to the next level
Interviewer:- Any questions..
I:- Sir, How many rounds more??
he started laughing...

Management Round
In this round we had some of the questions like
What is GDP??
What is inflation??
If u are owning a company.. and it is in losses.. What would u do to overcome that situation??
If u say.. that u wanna start a company.. He'll ask u.. When will u pursue your MBA??
and the routine questions like
tell me about yourself?
what are your other skills?
tell me about your technical papers submitted

They check your mental ability and problem solving skills...and the way u deal with the toughest times

HR Round
What do u like about others??
What do u hate in others??
what r your hobbies?
What is more important...hardwork or smartwork??
Which is your dream company??

Folks, questions in the interview are really easy.. But, it all depends on how smart your in answering them..Don't look tensed.. My friends who are really gems in technical couldn't make it ..because of their tension .Stay cool.. Be confident.. Don't Bluff..UR into TCS..I made it to my dream company.. TCS..I thank freshersworld and all my family, friends for giving me their support...

All the best