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Venue: Godavari Institute of Engg. & Tech. Rajahmundry, A.P
Hi friends, I am Sandeep kumar. TCS has conducted recruitment drive in our college on 4th & 5th of April. The total students eligible and attended the test were 258 and 143 got through the online test and 59 got selected finally. This is one the best counts from our region.

TCS recruitment process comprises four rounds, they are:
1) Online test
    (a) Verbal
    (b) Quantitative Aptitude
    (c) Critical Reasoning      
2) Tech-round
3) M-R round
4) H-R round   (There was no psychometry test)

1) Online test: In this section, the verbal round was very tough. I studied about 300-350 words from Barron’s words list but I got only two words from that. We will not be having enough time to recollect even if we study, cuz we only have 20 mins to do 32 questions. But my TPO sir has posted us about 100-125 antonyms on our mails and that had been very useful. Then the sentence completion part. Even that was very tough. First, I didn’t know how to answer it. It was like you will get a paragraph with some blanks left in it. And u’ll be having 9 sentences titled A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I. No two sentences are same but we have to answer the appropriate option for each blank. I completely guessed it cuz I didn’t find time to at least read it. Then there was a passage with six questions. I completely guessed the answers cuz I was left with only 3 more mins for me to complete the verbal round. But I am sure that I might have got only 8 or 9 marks from the entire section out of 32.

After the verbal round, aptitude section will be appeared on our screens. If you are strong with all the models from the previous papers you can hope dat you are 60-70% through.But don’t mug up the answers cuz they are aware of the fact that the students are jus checking the previous papers.So, they changed the numericals completely. I didn’t get even a single question with same numericals from the previous papers. I had to solve it at the time of exam. So, do try to know the model of each and every ques.

Then comes the critical reasoning round. It depends on a bit of luck that they come from Barron’s. Because most of my friends didn’t get the passages from barrons and those who even got the same passages with the names changed.
Just as it happened in my case, I got the passage prahtu, brithu but the names are changed as paradevanya and aryadevanya. But I was so lucky that I got all the three passages from Barron’s (prahtu,brihtu : Motorist : Ashland, Liverpool). Most of my friends got only one or two passages out of three from Barrons.

The critical reasoning round saved my day otherwise I would not have got through the online test.  
Those who have qualified the aptitude test were given a form and asked to fill it. The next day morning 11:00 A.M. interviews were started. I was called at about 1:30 P.M. and it was lunch time for half an hour. After the lunch I still had to wait for so long then I came to know that the interviewer in my panel is spending a lot of time with the candidates. Then I felt very nervous. And immediately my name was called. 

TECH-ROUND: In tech-round there was a guy of probably 30-35 years old. My tech round lasted for 45 mins and that was the longest comparative to all my friends.Plz be patient in reading this and I promise u this will be very helpful.
Me: Good afternoon sir.
Sir: Good afternoon, take your seat.
Me: tell me about urself.
Sir: I started and he interrupted me asking what do you mean by organized(as I mentioned it I am an organized person).
Me: Sir, I am very wise and demanding in selecting my friends. (But actually I am very nervous). Then he asked,
Sir: would u like to have some water.
Me: Sir, if you don’t mind. (It was very freezing inside, the A.C’s temp might be set for some 15-16 DEG, I was shivering). This might be  probably one way of testing our patience.
Sir: Do u want me to increase the temp of A.C.
Me: No, sir I am O.K(He started checkin my C.V asked me.)
Sir: what about your ppt which was on 6-s hybrid engine.
Me: I got first prize for that and so explained well, with diagrams and graphs.
Sir: So, what about C-language?
Me: Sir, to be honest, I know only the basic concepts.
Sir: what basics?
Me: I mean that I can manage with arrays and functions?
Sir: How do u declare a multi-dimensional array?
Me: explained.
Sir: What are the different data types u know?
Me: explained
Sir: What is unsigned int?
Me: explained.
Sir: So you r good at aptitude. (he asked me cuz I mentioned in the resume that I got through the niit aptitude test.)
Me: Yes sir, if I am not good at aptitude then how will I be able to get through the online exam.
Sir: laughed and said, but I know how u guys prepare for that. Did u download any papers from the net.  
Me: Yes sir, I took one from my friend just to see the model, because TCS follows a different model of assessing people and this involves not only
the conventional methods of problems but also various other models. So, I took jus to check them out. 
Sir: So u say u r good at aptitude.
Me: yes sir,but I may take more time to solve typical problems.
Sir: So I’ll give u an easy one.
Me: I solved it. (Then he gave me another one which was of similar model and I solved it too.)
Sir: Do u have the habit of solving any puzzles in your free time?
Me: Yes, sir I solve su-do-ku sometimes.
Sir: How much time will u take to solve it?
Me: If it an easy one I can solve it in 4-5 mins.
Me: Ok. Then, write a program to detect an error in su-do-ku.
Sir: I didn’t write but explained the logic.
Me: Then he asked me.
Sir: can u solve it in a more simplified way?
(I did it and he looked impressed.)
Sir: Do u know what steps are followed in an IT company when they take up a project.
Me: I said, programming, developing, and testing.
Sir: what do u think is he most imp phase?
Me: It should be developing, sir.
Sir: Why do u think so?
Me: Because, the whole logic is based on developing.
Sir: But, the clients are no where concerned about the way uSolve it.
Me: Yes sir, but if we have skilled developers with us then we need not spend much of the resources in testing.
Sir: Good, so u choose to be a developer.
Me: Obviously sir.
Sir: What is your dream company?
Me: Undoubtedly TCS, sir.
Sir: Why?
Me: gave an elaborate explanation about TCS.
Sir: How did u gather all the info.
Me: Partly from the net and for some points I followed the ppt well.
Sir: Who gave u the ppt? (actually he wanted to test my presence of mind)
Me: (I said with great enthusiasm) Sir, its T.K.Ramanujan
Sir: Its good that u even remember his name.
Me: Yes sir, I noted it down in my book.
Sir: O.k let us switch to C. What are inbuilt functions and user defined functions.?
Me: What are the inbuilt functions u know?
Sir: strcat, strrev, strlen and we can also solve some arithematic operations by using funcs like pow, sqrt.
Me: illustrate any two of them with a program?
Sir: I started doing.
Me: In the mean time he filled a form and gave it organizer.I did it right and he was impressed.
Sir: So, u can be a good developer.
Me: Sir, only if I am trained.
Sir: Of course, we have a very good training centre probably one of the best in the world.
Me: yes sir I know, It is located at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
Sir: Yes u r right and do have any questions for me?
Me: Sir, what are the plans is TCS making to cope up with US recession.
Sir: He explained me well.
ME: Thank you sir.
Sir: So, u may leave and wait for the results.

I got through the tech and was immediately called for M-R.

M-R round: This round is the combination of tech and hr.
He asked me about the elevator principle as I am from mechanical engg. He asked me a question like , If I throw 1kg of cotton and 1 kg of lead which reaches the ground first and why? (please work out on this question). I answered confidently.
Sir: Then he asked me how do u  rate yourself in C-language.
Me: I said I’ll give only 4 out of 10.
Sir: Why do u rate so low?   
Me: cuz I’ve learned it in my first year and I don’t remember some commands of coding.
Sir: o.k thank you.It lasted only for about 15 mins and I got a call for the H-R round.

H-R round: The hr round was quite simple. He asked straight forward qs like tell me about your achievements. What r your hobbies? Etc..But, many of my friends were asked qs like if u r made the mayor of your city what changes would u like to bring.If suddenly god appears and asks u to make a wish what would u ask?So, be confident and never give up if u say something wrong. Try to justify it as much as u can. Don’t talk about something u r not aware of. And, practice to speak good English. TCS people give a lot of importance to communication.

Do have belief in god and work sincerely, then you’ll definitely succeed. Bye and see u all in TCS.