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TCS Selection Procedure

Hi Friends, I am Ashis Jana from FIEM, WBUT. I attended the TCS off campus recruitment drive for freshers which was held in march 2014. First I would like to tell you something about the TCS aptitude test or Selection test and then I will discuss about the interview in details..

My Online aptitude test was held on 8th March, 2014 in Budge Budge Institute of tech(BBIT) from 4:00pm-5:30pm. The aptitude test comprised of 2 modules-first there was a Verbal round where you have to write an email on a topic. It was fairly simple. Phrases were given. Time was 10 mins. You have to really think and write fast otherwise you won't be able to complete it. Remember to use all the phrases. That is the key. Also avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The topic was about seeking permission for granting a study leave of 3months from your project team leader in order to allow you to give paper presentation at a seminar abroad-something like that.

The next section was Quantitative Aptitude (there was -ve marking). So my humble advice to you is please don't attempt any question whose answer you are not aware of.

There were 30 questions among which 1st 28 questions (Section A) carried 1 mark each and then the rest 2 questions (Section B) carried 2 marks each. The questions were moderately tough/hard and Section B was too tough but fortunately I managed to answer the aptitude test and I answered 22 questions out of 30 and all were correct.

My advice is follow RS Aggarwal and Arun Sharma. You should also follow indiabix, freshersworld and M4Maths becz they are damn important. Always practise last 5yrs aptitude papers of TCS from freshersworld as they follow the same pattern each n every year. They just change the pattern and the values and give. So this is all about the selection test of TCS. The results were delivered to us by mail and on 11th March I received an email from TCS where it was written that I successfully cleared the aptitude test and I'm shortlisted for an interview.

My interview was on 24th March 2014 in Techno India, Salt Lake at 9am. First my documents were verified and then we were informed about 2 types of services which TCS has started now-a-days. They are IT (Information Technology) Services and ITIS or EIS (Engineering and Industrial) Services. Our HR told us if anyone wishes 2 switch over to IT services can go 4 IT services. For them there will be 2 rounds Tech+HR and 4 others 1st there will be a Technical interview on ITIS, if they are found suitable den well n good else they will have 2 appear 4 another Tech interview on IT services and den they will be called 4 d HR interview. I didn't change and so I was called for the Technical interview.


My interview started from 12:40pm and ended at 1:15pm. There were 2 interviewers in the panel and it went on like this.

Sir please may I come in? please come and take your seat Ashis..

Int 1: Taking a close look into my CV he said your subject of interest is Signals and systems, Control system and DSP. Explain pole-zero plot?

Int 1: What is the difference between Bode plot and Nyquist Plot?
         What is Routh Array?
         What is the difference between Laplace transform and Fourier Transform?
         What is an all Pass System?
         What is Transfer function? (Explain non-technically)
         What is an Impulse Response? Give a practical application of an impulse function which we use in our daily life?

Then he said do you know microprocessor? I said no sir I don't know then he said ok fine let's switch over to EM Theory.

Int 1: What is the difference between Divergence and Curl? Plot a radiation pattern of an antenna (any antenna) and mention the name of that antenna? Then he came 2 Analog communication. He asked me to draw the pattern of DSB-SC modulation and explain it's working. Then he asked what is a Repeater which I couldn't answer.

Then he gave some problems 2 solve from Z-transform and Laplace transform. After that he asked the difference between a continuous and a discrete signal and then he said is your eye Analog or Digital? Explain with a valid answer.

Int 1: Then he said do you know Dbms? I said no sir I had power electronics as an optional paper instead of Dbms. Then he said ok explain converters and rectifiers.

Then he asked few questions from my final year project and after that he asked a lot of questions from my industrial training which I did in indian railways. Mostly the questions were from Networking, IP Exchange and Telecomm. Then he passed the CV to the other interviewer.

Int 2: Tell me something about yourself? Why are you willing to join an IT industry being a student f ECE? Why do you want 2 join TCS? Did you appear for any other interview before?(HERE I MUST SAY IT WAS A MATTER OF LUCK BECZ I EXPLAINED TO THEM HOW I WAS REJECTED IN THE ON CAMPUS RECRUITMENT DRIVE OF COGNIZANT AND WIPRO). I just spoke the truth and said what happened without making any kind of story. He felt very happy and said it's good that you spoke the truth. Don't worry you are on the right track. Then he said ok we are done. They shook hands with me and said wait 4 the HR round.

After 15mins I was called for the HR. I entered the room. There was one interviewer. He said please take your seat.

Int: So, How was your day Ashis?

Ashis please show me your 10, 12 and B-Tech marksheets. Then he took a close look and said what was your score in the 7th sem? I said.

Then he asked do you have a problem for relocation? Do you have any problem in working 4 night shifts? I said no sir I have no problem. Then he started telling about my work, my facilities which I will get when I will be posted in mumbai or trivandrum etc. Then he was talking about TCS terms and conditions and regarding the bond which TCS has 4 a period of 2 years. Then he asked  What is work Ashis?? I answered dat question by giving some positive aspects and with confidence for which he was very pleased and said i liked your answer and said ok Ashis im done with it. Do you have any questions? I asked a question about the training procedure and what kind of work we will do in this ITIS. He answered that.

Then he shook hands with me and said feeling grateful to meet you at TCS. Let's hope 4 d best.

On 26th march 2014 I received a mail from TCS and and I was selected. So there are few points which you should focus apart from your academic skills and knowledge. Those are:

1. Always be confident with what you know. If you don't know the answer of a question then pls do not start blabbing as they just don't accept that. Tell them that you don't know the answer.

2. Always mention those subjects in your CV which you know properly else don't mention that there is no harm if you do that. And you should have good communication skills.

3. Always talk with an optimistic attitude and please don't give any negative impression to them, please don't be pessimistic.

4. Always speak the truth then you will be on the right track I'm sure. Don't lie to them as it won't fetch anything.

My suggestion for selection test of TCS is after doing rs aggarwal n arum sharma and previous years apti papers as it helped me a lot.

My suggestion during interview is don't get stressed or tensed even if they make you Just keep smiling, be confident on whatever you speak even if it is not correct.

I Hope my suggestions will help you.

All the best ! See you at TCS.