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TCS Selection-Procedure

                                                 TCS Candidate's Experience

Hi Folks,

Myself Debkumar and I am from RCC Institute of Information Technology, Kolkata. I'm going to share my very first campus placement experience with all of you. It's been a strenuous journey throughout and I'm grateful to GOD that my hard work ultimately paid off. YES I got selected by TCS !! TCS came to our college for On-campus drive on 27.09.2015 and 28.09.2015. Finally 131 were selected out of 368 (approx). Hope all of you are doing well, and preparing for the 'D-Day', i.e date of your first campus interview. Let me tell you the most basic funda to crack the TCS interview.

First of all, make your basics of general aptitude strong enough. Some most important topics are Probability, Permutation & Combination, Number Series, Geometry, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Ratio & Proportion. Please keep it in your mind that, "If you will fail to clear the aptitude test, your technical knowledge will be of no use, no matter how much or how less technical knowledge you have." So, be careful while preparing for aptitude.

For technical preparation I will recommend JAVA, C, Data Structure DBMS, Software Testing, these are most important for TCS interview. And for optional subjects you may also go for C++, OS, C#. Thirdly, please only put those things in your resume, you are well aware of. Don't lie or try to show off please. Otherwise you will be the ultimate victim at the end of the day. And last but not the least, Be confident and have faith in yourself. That's the ultimate key of success. :)

Now come to my interview experience. I don't know if you will believe it or not. I never panicked for a single moment during my entire interview, which lasts for nearly 25 minutes. There was a panel of three interviewers, and my interview was Technical+HR combined.

Me: "May I come in sir?"
They: "Yes, Debkumar please come in, take your seat". (they knew my name previously as we have to submit our resumes previously)
Me: "Thank you sir, good afternoon". (with a smile)

They: "Introduce yourself".
Me: Started to introduce myself. ( while they were then looking at my resume )

They: "Okay, Fine. So you are comfortable with C and JAVA right?" ( as I mentioned them as programming language)
Me: "Yes sir". ( told little bit louder, as I was very much confident about C and JAVA)

They: "Hmm, you are looking confident".
Me: "Yes sir C and JAVA are my favourite programming languages".

They: "Rate yourself in C and JAVA".
Me: "7 in C and 8 for JAVA".

They: "Why not 10 for both?"
Me: "Sir as per my knowledge I think I rate myself perfectly. But later when I will go deep with C and JAVA, then perhaps I will be able to rate myself 9, but not 10. As it's not possible to know each and every thing of a vast languages like C and JAVA". ( They seemed to be satisfied )

They: "Can you write a C code for swapping two numbers without using a third variable?"
Me: Wrote and explained. ( It was too easy for me )

They: "Implement Bubble sort".
Me: I wrote the algorithm and explained the mechanism with an array of numbers( as an example ).

They: "As there are two "for" loops in the algorithm, So after first iteration where will be the output of inner most "for" loop in the array?"
Me: Told. ( They were satisfied with my answer )

They: "Write a C code to print "diamond pattern of stars" ".
Me: Wrote. ( I was sure, but they were checking my code carefully )

They: "What is "Left Outer Join" ?"
Me: Explained.

They: "Make two tables named as EMP and DEPT, give Primary Key and Foreign Key. And implement the Left Outer Join."
Me: Implemented and explained. ( after my explanation they told me to remove a row in the DEPT table and told me to implement Left Outer Join again ) They were satisfied with my answer.

They: "What do you mean by wrapper class?"
Me: Told. ( This was the only JAVA question )

They: "Why Spiral Model is called as Meta Model in SDLC Models?"
Me: Told.

They: "Tell me the difference between "System Testing and Integration Testing" ."
Me: Told.

Now, HR part started......

HR: "So, Debkumar cooking is your hobby?"
Me: "Yes mam, I love to cook".

HR: "Hmm, great. So tell me what kind of dishes you can cook."
Me: "Mam I'm still learning about new recipes, but I can cook chicken curry, rice, dal, fish curry". ( HR mam was looking interested )

HR: "It's really nice to hear this. So, why do you want to join TCS?"
Me: Told briefly about awards won by TCS, and told that TCS values it's employees dedication and hard work, TCS is a great organization for "On-site" offer etc etc. ( Please go through TCS website, there you will find many useful information and data about TCS ).HR mam was listening my words with attention.

HR: "What will be your reaction if today you will not get selected?"
Me: Told. ( It was a tricky question, but I managed the answer, they want to test your response and attitude in a negative situation, so try to answer in a positive note )

HR: "What will be your reaction if today you will get selected?"
Me: ( I was surprised a bit ) I told that "Mam I couldn't be happier if this will happen" She was smiling while I was answering.

HR: "What kind of books do you prefer?"( as I gave cooking and reading as my hobbies )
Me: Mam I prefer mostly detective books. And I am a big fan of "Feluda" and "Byomkesh Bakshi".

HR: "Hmm, can you tell the name of the diary that Feluda uses to keep important notes?"
Me: Told. ( But unfortunately it was a wrong anwer. )

HR: "No, this is not right answer. I hope after this interview you will look for the right answer"
Me: "Sure mam, I will definitely look for it." She was smiling. I was bit nervous.

HR: "Your brother is studying MBBS in KPC Medical College and Hospital right?"
Me: "Yes mam"

HR: "Where is that college?"
Me: "Mam it is located in Jadavpur, Kolkata"

HR: "Do you want to relocate?"
Me: "Yes mam. I have no problem in relocation".

After that they told me that they are done with my interview and I may leave now. I thanked them and leave the interview room. My interview was started nearly at 1:00 pm and continued till 1:25 pm. After a long wait, finally TCS declared final list of selected candidates at 10:45 pm. I was on cloud 9, while they declared my name. That is the best day of my life till now. Total 131 were selected from our college. And 21 from my department ( Information Technology) Please have a positive attitude and body language. Never let them know that you are nervous and panicked. Unless you will be fired. And don't forget to KEEP SMILING. It really helps a lot. Enjoy the interview. Hope to see you soon in TCS..........

And for any further queries please feel free and mail me : or, text me on Facebook :
I will be happy to help you :)