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TCS Candidate-Experiences

                                                   TCS Interview Experience

Feeling Great!!! To be part of TCS ....

my interview was like this.....

There were panel of two for technical interview

Me: May I come in sir

Int 1st: Yes come in ..n close the door
Me: Good morning sir ...Though it was 12:30 Pm

Int 1st: Good morning have a seat. 
ok he asked describe yourself
Me: told name,, education details... family background...he was consistently observing me...
then finally i told that i have good knowledge of C.

Int 1st: Ok ur father is farmer ..tell me what kind of farming practices do they do?
Me: told and given explanation of each stage.

Int 2nd: ok so ur comfortable with c
Me: yes sir`

Int 2nd: Write a program to swap two variables using function?
Me: asked him .. that should i only write function or whole program.

Int 2nd: Whole program.
Me: Ok sir and written program by using call by reference and shown.

meanwhile int 2nd was checking program

Int 1st:What is call by value and call by reference?
Me: told and explained him.

Int 1St: Can you tell me the scenario where we use call by ref and call by value?

Me: Told 

Int 1st: What is array?


Int 1st: What are different data types in c?
Me:Told int float double and char

Int 1st: what is difference between float and int?
Me: told.

as i had mentioned in resume c and basics of c++

Int 1st: What is diffrence between c and C++?
Me: told oop and precedural approach and explained him.

Int 1st: Tell me features or properties of oop?
Me: told data abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance ..nd 4th i was not able to remember...

he told me ie - polymorphism.

Int 1st: what is polymorphism?
Me: told.

Mean while int 2nd was very impressed to see that being electronics guy i have written program correctly the he start 

Int 2nd: Do you knowledge of ur core subjects?
Me: Confidently yes sir I do have good knowledge of Analog design, Digital circuits.

Int 2nd: Ok Draw the XOR using NAND Gate?

Me: Hesitating little bit… I will try… and finaly drawn the digram and explained…
Int 2nd: You are good at C and your subject then you go for Embedded companies why TCS?
Me: Yes sir I can But … told wha tcs convinced them.

Int 2nd:What are ur hobbies?
Me: told playing tennis and cooking.

Int 2nd: What do you cook?
Me: told... but he was not happy.

Int 1st`: what kind of chicken do you make?
Me: told only few.

Int 1st: you are avoiding situation
Me: No sir I am telling only what i make..


Int 2nd: Explain me recipe of veg biryani?
Me: Expained.

Int 2nd: ok who is your favorite player in tennis?
Me: Told novak … he won US open last day agist fedrer …

Int 2nd: Who is Indian women won the doubles in US Open last day?
Me: I don’t remember But there was Martina Hingis from switz won two titles last day.

Int 2nd: Ok you know sania mirza … she won last day.
Me: Ok sir.

Int 1st: Ok sachin we are done with you do you have any question ?
Me: I was very happy from inside for this question and Asked … what are key skills that one need to have to be successful in TCS?

Int 1st: Told me you should be quick learner, Adaptable…
Me: Ok

Int 2nd: Do you have problem with location?
Me: No sir I am comfortable with any location.

Int 1st:If we shift you in Kabul/Afghanistan… bla nla?
Me: I wll go but make sure Is there TCS having their offices… because I am not sure.

Int 1st: any problem with shifts?
Me: NO

Int 2nd: We are done…
Me : Thank you sir…

My interview last in 25-30 min.After long time They called me for next rounds….. Verified documents…. And finally they announced results at 8pm.There was so much joy by hearing my name in the list….I would like thank to parents and my friends … friends do not lose your hope there is always better waiting for us… just be confident and prepare well about core subject … because what they see is your core knowledge and confidence … And main question Why TCS? It may be happen that in case some of my friends were having asked this question as last question…. If you answer well then also it will be last and if not properly then also last question.

Remember .. I was on among those who are out from HR of about 3-4companies but finally TCS is my opportunity.

All the best … see you in TCS!!!