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TCS Selection-Procedure

Hi guys,i want to share my placement experience with you all.


                                            TCS came to our college at 7th of november. On 8th we have our written test which in which we had to write a simple mail and then attend quantitative aptitiude part. Top 5 students were excluded from the aptitude part in written they only had to attend email writing part. My email was simple,few words were given, we had to write a email containing those words with minimum 50 words.


                                          On 9th i was called for the interview round at 9 am sharp.I reached college 30 minutes earlier, nicely dressed up in formals.Students were divided in panels.There were 280 students who appeared in Written round out of which 103 cleared the written test which included all the 25 toppers of all branch(except civil). I was in panel 4.My turn came at nearly 5:00 pm.I was relaxed and confident. I entered the room with a smile and knocked the door and took a permission to be in and to be seated :)


* They told me to introduce yourself.I gave a brief intro with a smile.They took my resume and saw first 5 sheets.

* They asked me about my fav. subject.

* They asked me to rate myself on the scale of 1-10 in C programming concepts. I said 8.

* They asked me to write a simple program of factorial.I wrote it correctly and they were satisfied.

* Then they checked my G.K by asking questions like- who is the CM of haryana,mumbai. ( I forgot the answer, I said sorry to them)?

* What you know about digital forensic(answered correctly)?

* Tell me a latest technology about which you have heared? (explained correctly).

* Then they switched to database concepts and asked me- Foreign key primary key OOPs concept like difference between abstraction and encapsulation

* Asked about my project , Have i done coding in it and asked to write a code which i have implemented in my project (My project was based of java, i wrote a simple database connectivity code).


Then they switched to MR round which was mixed with my technincal interview


* They asked me like What would you do if we send you to pakistan or karachi.

* How will you manage,will your parents agree? If i would do a MBA course or Higher study?

* What would you do if your co-worker gets angry with you and dislike you. How will you manage(for this they strech for about 15 minutes)


They were checking the capability to tackle and confidence too.They said me "we are not going to hire you" for about 5-6 times,but i smiled and answered the questions positively and confidently.What matters most is your confidence level.


                                                Then i was called for my HR round after 5 minutes I entered the room ,a lady HR asked me to sit down and introduce yourself? She asked me about what i have done from morning,The TCS selection criteria? How was my technical round? What are the expressions of people who have completed their HR? Asked me about my strength and weaknesses and told to justify them. This round was quite difficult for me,but i kept smiling and answered positively.