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TCS Interview Experience


Hi friends


My name is Dileep. I’m from  college of engineering Anantapur with cse stream. Recently tcs came to my college for recruiting. I want to share my experience.




1) Written Test


2) Technical Interview


3) HR Interview


Written Test:


There are two sections aptitude and verbal. First Email writing in 10 minutes and 30 aptitude questions in 80 minutes. Both are quite easy if you practice previous TCS papers you will definitely crack this round. Maximum questions on speed,distance,time and work, probability, permutations. Answering 24 is recomended.513 cleared written among 750 in our college


Technical Interview


If you are efficient in any two among these you can able to crack it.


  1. C
  2. Java
  3. Data structures
  4. os
  5. SQL

Me: Good morning sir.


Interviewer : Please take your seat.


Me: Thank you sir.


Interviewer :  Tell me about yourself.-


Me: told.


Interviewer : Some questions on tell me about yourself.


Me: said.


Interviewer :  Areas of interest?


Me: Sql, Data structures.


Interviewer : Basic commands in sql


Me: DDL, DCL, DML, select, update, delete etc……


Interviewer :  Do you know data structres.


Me: Not efficient in programming sir but I know all concepts.


Interviewer : What is your favorite data structure.


Me: Binary search tree.


Interviewer :  Explain it


Me: explained.


Interviewer :  What is the theme in binary search tree.


Me: Don’t know sir.(divide and conqer)


Interviewer :  Project?


Me: Not yet decided sir we will plan 4-2.


Interviewer : Any future planning’s about project?


Me: Game sir.


Interviewer :  What type of game?


Me: Mobile game like 2048.


Result : selected and shortlisted for next round.360 selected for HR.


HR and Management Review( MR) Interview :


Both MR and HR rounds are at a time and I’m confident about me. I carried Rubik’s cube to interview as I kept in resume as hobby. My HR was not done in general way, it was a little bit difficult to manage.


Interviewer :  what is that? (showing Rubik’s cube)


Me : Rubik’s cube


Interviewer : What is that?(he is not satisfied)


Me : Told about its history and why I used to solve.


Interviewer :  Why did you bring it here?


Me : I have the capability of doing so


Interviewer : Why did you bring it here?


Me: I feel I’m special sir.


Interviewer :  Why do you feel so?


Me: In my class only 10 can solve, 50 can’t . I can solve it in 3 minutes.


Interviewer : My frnd can do it in 45 secs then?


Me: Due to lack of practice else I will also.


Interviewer :  What is reason for low percentage in


Me: Told reason.


Interviewer :  In which floor we are standing?


Me: First floor (correct)


Interviewer : Ok. I will take you to 10th floor and will ask you to jump and if you jump then I will give you job will you jump?


Me: (think for a moment) and said instead of jumping from tenth floor to ground floor I will jump there itself.


Interviewer : Ok all the best.


Finally waited for the result and it came and shows that I haven’t selected, badly I was eliminated in HR.180 among 360 were selected.It is easy to crack tcs if you has the capability of speaking with confidence.


All the Best.....