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TCS Candidate-Experiences


Hi, TCS Aspirants I am Rajendra Kumar from Lbrce Vijayawada in IT discipline,  tcs visited our college on 28and 29 of Jan 2010 and i got recruted.


            TCS drive starts with the presentation not just about their company but also for motivating and instilling confidence in those who may not make into TCS.


The interview process conducted for us consisted of 4 rounds:

1.     Written Round

2.     Technical Round

3.    Managerial Round &

4.     HR


 The written test consisted of three sections:( 1hr 30 min)

            1. Verbal(28 questions)

            2. Quantitative Aptitude (32 questions) &

            3. Critical Reasoning (12 questions).

No negative marks or Session or Upper cutoffs so answer as many as possible.


Verbal section consists of Antonyms,Synonyms and Sentence Completion questions for which barrons is sufficient to prepare.


 In quantitative session questions did not repeat from previous papers , the questions were solvable but time is the major consideration. It got around 8 ques on Data sufficiency and 2(2*4=8) ques on data interpretation and others mostly on percentages , time & distance ,profit and loss, Averages   ……


Solve R.S.Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude for this section .


Critical Reasoning passages most of them got 2 out of 3  from GRE Barrons 12ed, try to solve the 5 model papers CR passages with each containing >4 questions if u don’t have time cram all the passages.


The interview round TR,MR,HR are easy what u need to prepare for TR is as i am IT student he asked me questions from SE,CN,OS,MP,C,DBMS  basics though I mentioned Image prosessing as my Area of interest.


In MR he asked me abt my background and questions on everything i mentioned in my CV.

The HR was also easy and she asked me Why TCS ? Why should I hire u? What do u know about TCS ur answers should be positive.


The interviewers were very cool .


Three things u need to have to succeed in interview (on their word)


2.Know urself ur unique quality (USP).

3.Your project work.

Be confident in whatever u say and never try to bluff them .Don’t by heart the programs just understand the logic.

Meet you there