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Hi friends,

I am surjit nayak from Orissa Engg. College ,bbsr, sharing my experience of TCS off campus held on ITER, Bhubaneswar Orissa.

Selection procedure:
It consists of 2 rounds.
1)General aptitude
2)HR & TECHNICAL interview.

1)The aptitude section is very easy, it was set by touch stone group. This was an online test consists of 35 question and the time limit was 60 min...
For every correct answer we have 1 mark and for every wrong answer 0.33 mark will be deduced (one mark for 3 wrong answers). Questions were mainly from age, ratio proportional, speed and distance, sequence, probability, work and time, average, blood relation, area and volume and one logical question.
according to me the cut off may be 17 or 18.I had attended 27 questions (one bluff).

For better score try to solve easy question first. so, that you can easily attend 16 question within 30 min and the rest questions are littlie bit time consuming.

In our test center out of 3500+ students 450+ cleared the 1st round.

2) This round consists of both hr and technical interview. To crack this round u should be confident and luck is also one of the great factor. I am writing some of my experience on this round.

me: good evening sir
hr: good evening. please take your seat.
me: thank you sir.

hr:give your in introduction.

hr: what is your strength give with example.

hr:what is your favourite subjects??
me:compiler design and software engg.

hr:cd you refer which book??

hr:what is A* SEARCH??
me:sir in our syllabus it was in AI(artificial inteligence) so i am not remember it .

hr:what is compiler???
me:I explained with example.

hr:what is machine language??
me:representation of source code in computer understandable language which is represent in bit(01....).

hr:1 byte how many bit??
me:1 byte=8 bit.

hr:how many nibble??
me:2 nibble.

hr:what r the diff. stages of compiler design.
me:I said.

hr:what is LL AND LR parsing???
me:I said.

hr:what is sdlc,what are diff. models and what are the stages explain in detail.
me:I explained successfully.

hr:what is test case,tell one design technique??
me:I said.

hr:Have you any project?
me:yes sir,I explained in detail on my project(e-governance on law anr order).

hr:do you know any programming language??
me yes sir,C,C++,CORE JAVA.

hr:what is variable??
me:I said but he was little bit unsatisfied with me.

hr:what is package??what are the diff. types of system defined package???

hr:tell some classes of .IO AND .LANG package.
me: Isaid.

hr:wheather you are comfortable to write program with C++??
me:I said confidently,yes sir.he never asked any program.

hr:what is semaphore?
me:I said.

hr:he provided me a problem and asked, it contain how many angles?
me:my answer was wrong.

hr:do you want to do any course???
me:yes sir,oracle.still I want ur suggestion.

hr:suggested me.
hr:any question about tcs??

me:I asked ,sir,tell me what are the diff. stages should we cross to become a CEO.
hr:he said with smiling face.

hr:go to room,we will declare ur result tomorrow 4pm.
me:Thank you sir with smiling face.

Next day out of 450+ students 230+ students were selected and thanks god i was one of them...........