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Hi guys, This is Anustup. I have recently cracked TCS when it was conducting a off-campus drive in Techno India, Kolkata. I was ill from a week. But I knew that if chances fly from your hand, then you have nothing to do but to sit and repent or to hope for the next one.
On the 1st day was da aptitude test.It started at 3pm.TCS has changed its pattern of aptitude tests. It now gives 35 questions which you have to solve in 60 mins. A unquestion DT no was given by them. The most important thing about TCS papers is that in each question, there are a lot of lines which bear no relevance to the question. Suppose, there is a questions

1) A man bought 26 kgs of rice on the 1st day. On the 2nd day, his son comes home. His son is 15 years old. He bought 2 kgs of rice for his father. Next day, the son fell ill. He went to the doctor. The doc gave him a lot of medicines. The total cost of the medicines was Rs.260. The father became anxious of the son's health. He went to vellore with his son. The train fare of each person was Rs.300. Now, the speed of the train during the visit was 120 km/hr. After 2 days, they came back. The speed of the train was now 130 km/hr. Then wants the average speed of the train?

Hope, you have understood the pattern of the questions. The real information lies in the last few lines.
the questions were very easy. Only you should know few formulae on probability, prmutation and combination etc. Theere were a number of problms on ages. You must do them 1st as they are very easy. Also keep in mind the time factor as many of our friends couldn't attempt all the questions. Skip to the next question if you can't do it. Also, calculators were allowed this time. So i used it, to solve a couple of questions. Don't panic. Just go on solving the questions. I could solve 21 questions out of 35.

The results were declared at around 6 pm. I was very happy to hear my name being called. Then we were told to fill up sum forms. The next day was the interview.

I reached the venue at 11 am. The interview started at 12. I was told to go to a panel where there were two persons seating.
me:good afternun sir
sir: gud afternun,please be seated.
      (one of dem was seeing my cv)so anustup,wats da meaning of ur name??
me: (i xplained.)
sir: ok now tel me sumthing about urself.
me: (i told about my parents,schooling,hobbies bla bla bla......i have told dem dat i sing)
sir den interrupted me and asked wat songs?rabindrasangeet?
i was shocked as i sing rabindrasangeets only.i told yes sir.
sir: ok so wat is ur stream?
me: sir,its electronics and communication.
sir: ok wat are holes?
me: i xplained by saying how holes r created by doping a semiconductor with a p-type of material.
sir: ok so wat is p-type material?
me: i xplained in details.
sir: ok den Si is p-type or n-type?
me: i dont know wat happened to me dat tym but confidently i told dem dat Si is p-type.(i was laughing at my own wen i realised afterwrds wat a blunder i made)
sir: ok wat is its band-gap energy?
me: sir its 0.6 ev(actually it is 1.1 ev,but i was cnfident in answering)
sir: ok wat is conduction band?
me: i xplained.
sir:  wat is ur favourite subj?
me: netwrking.
sir: ok wat r LAN,MAN nd WAN?
me: i xplained.
sir: ok.wat is internet?
me: sir it is interconnection of networks.
(dey were very impressed on hearing da answer)
sir: wat is modem?
me: i answered.
sir: ok now lemme ask sumthin from C.wat dou mean by main?
me: (dis is da 2nd tym i told wrong answer but cnfidently.)
       sir,it is a library function which is defined in files like stdio.h,conio.h etc.
sir: is it defined in both files?
me: yes sir.
sir: den why do we write main single tym?
me: sir because dere is no usefulnes in writing twice.
sir: but tel me whether we can write or not.
me: i thought a few secs n den told yes sir we can write.
(the main thing is dat main is a user-defined function.many of da students dont knw dis as aftrwards wen i asked dis ques 2 my frns,dey also told dat its a library function.)
sir: wat is an array?
me: its a collection of similar data elements.
sir: ok den wat do u mean by data elements?
me: i xplained da integer,character n float type dta elements.
sir: ok .wat is an array's size?
me: i told sir,if da array is int a[2],den dere r 3 its size is 3.
sir: no its not so.
me: i thought a little n den told dat since each integer takes 2 bytes of memory,so da array's size will be 6 bytes as dere r 3 elements.
sir: ok .good.
sir:so why do u want to join tcs?
me: sir,becoz i have heard frm my seniors dat tcs is a very gud company
sir interrupted me n told why?infosys,cts dey r also gud companies?
me:i told yes sir.but TCS is da largest provider of information technology and business process outsourcing services in asia.
(both of dem were impressed.)
sir:ok so why shud we hire u?
me: i told dem about my strengths.
sir: ok wats ur weakness?
me: sir ,i have a bit speaking problem.(i do have a mild stammering problem n so i dint give a 2nd thought to say dis answer)
sir: ok den do u think u can overcum dis?
me: yes sir,with my confidence and zeal to work hard.
(dis was da best answer given by me as dey were very impressed.i cud read frm deir faces.)
sir:ok anustup,tell me sumthing about ur project.
me: i xplained da project
sir asked a feq questions frm it and i was able to answer dem.
sir:ok anustup,nice to meet u.have a nice day.

After about 1 week, the confirmation mail from TCS came and i was overjoyed to see the mail.

Guys, always believe that confidence and being truthful is the key to success. Have faith in yourself and you will be the winner.
See you guys in TCS.