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Dear friends, TCS conducted a recruitement drive on 29th August at Sri Sai Ram Engineering College-Tambaram-Chennai

The Selection process is as follows

2.Technical & HR interview

Written Test

The written test pattern of TCS is not as the old one, it had been changed.

It is an online test with 35 Questions and 1 hour time. The questions are from Aptitude and Critical reasoning.

The aptitude questions are easy. The critical reasoning are some what tricky, but no problem you can solve.

One more thing is the questions are not straight forward. They will give 10 lines for each question with unnecessary data. You have to find out the necessary statements and solve.
Solution is easy just read the last 3 or 4 lines definitely you will get an idea about the question.

Don't waste your time by reading all the question be carefull


me:Excuse me sir may i come in
hr: Come in, take your seat
me:Thank you sir
hr: Well, hemadri tell me about ur self
me: Told abt my studies, hobies, abt family.etc
hr: Ok,hemadri...what do u think the main reason for the software up and downs
me: I  think the crises in the economy of the world

hr: Ok...i agree that one but how can you manage your company at top position even in the crises also

me: No word to say i think its the final we didn't get select, silence for 2  minutes

hr: What happend hemadri. Ok tell me what is the major thing we have to do in the software field

me: Customer satisfaction sir

hr: You are right  that is the solution for the previous question, that means if you satisfy your customer to maximum extent then definitely he will be with you even in crises also, what do u say

me: Yes sir you are right.

hr: Ok .then, whose responsibility is that to take care of the customers satisfaction

me: Its not a single persons responsibility sir....from lower level to higher level each and everybody wants to take the responsibility to achieve that.

hr: Thats what i am expecting.

me: Simple smile(thank god i impressed him there).

hr: Ok hemadri what is your future plans where you think self after 5 years

me: Sir i have an ambition to educate the poor background people who around me. So i have to achieve a maximum position and serve them.

hr: Good, what comes besides the maximum position in general

me: Money.

hr: no.

me: Reputation....

hr: No.No.No. Think well  ( here i got the fear again)

me: Responsibility

hr: Well said..
    You are correct, Responsibility is the first one which comes besides the maximum position

hr: Ok in which area you are interested. I mean which subject do you like most and interested.

me: Java sir (i put java as area of interest in my resume)

hr: Ok, rate your self from 1-5 in the java proficiency.

me: I said. No doubt its for sir

hr: sure.

me: sure sir.

hr: ok, if company people put you on java projects directly have handle

me: I will try my level best sir.

hr: ok hemadri, thank you and ALL THE BEST  (with a warm shakehand)

After an hour they announced the results and i am the one who got selected, i am very happy, i am going to step into India NO:1 MNC TCS.

Friends don't fear in the interviews always be confident keep smiles on your faces krack the job

 Meet you at TCS.