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TCS OFF CAMPUS 23rd August 2010 at NIET Noida. I'm rohit gupta (ECE) JMIT radaur, yamunanagar.
1) Written test

There were 35 questions in all and was negative marking of .33 marks. Total time alloted was 1 hour. I attempted 23 question. i think cutoff was 21.

Many questions were very easy and have direct answers. So please don't get stick to one question. See atleast all the questions
(the questions seems to be too lengthy but you find the main content in last 2  lines only, near about 8- 10  questions repeat in each paper)

Q1 What is the value of x+4y/x-2y. Given x/2y=2

Ans: 4.


Q2 Animals show different bahavioural changes at different environments.

A scientist at his research lab go 1 mile to north direction to study behaviour changes by bear. there he follow a bear towards east direction

for 1Km but has not radio collard it. Then he return to south direction by travelling 1 Km. What is the colour of bear.(Nothing is missing in this question).

 1 Grey    2 White    3 Black     4 Yello


Ans  White.There is no definite logic of this question, but because scientist go in north direction so its colour is white, because at the north pole bear are white.


Q3: There are 10 reading spots in a room. Each reading spot has a round table. Each round table has 4 chair. If different no of persons are sitting at each reading spot. And if there are 10 persons inside the room

then how many reading spots donot have atleast a single reader.

(1)  5     (2)   6      (3)  7   (4)  None    

Ans 6. because different no of persons are sitting on round table. So possible differnt combinations for 10 people will be 1 2 3 4. because max 4 people can sit on round table. so round tables left are 6.




Q4:Make a usual word by rearranging these alphabets tpreiki. What is this word.

 (1) City  (2) Bird  (3) Country  (4) Fruit


Ans. Bird. Its PERIKIT. somebody told me its perikit. Confirm exact spelling from net.


Q5  tracking------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------------------- a person do rock climbing at an altitude of 800 m.He go up by 7 mph. and come down by 9 mph. what was his av speed.

Ans (7+9)/2=8.


Q6 A boy want to make a cuboid of dimension 5m, 6m, 7m. from small cubes of .03 m3. later he realized he can make same cuboid by making it hollow. Then it take some cubes less. What is the no. of these cube.


Ans.  Vol of solid cuboid= 5*6*7=210 m3.

Vol of its inner cuboid by removal of which the cuboid will be hollow= (5-2)*(6-2)*(7-2)=60 m3


Then ans will be 60/.03

Us samay mera dimag nahi chala to ye question maine attempt nhi kiya. maine har 1 dim se 2 minus kiya. ispe dhyan se sochna.


Q7. half of a no. is greater then 1/6 of same no. by 2. what is the no.

Ans. 6


Q8 Two years ago A was 6 times older than B. Now he is 2 times older than B. What is the age of A.

Ans. Age of A=5, Age of B= Two and half.


Q9 A man haning no siblings looks at the portrait of a person and says father of this person is father of me.

Ans : He himself


Q10 There are three brothers, two of them having the age difference of three years.The Elder brother is 2 more years older than

sum of the age of other two brothers. What is the age of elder brother.

(1)7      (2)10    (3)12    (4)15

Ans    15 years. The age of other two brothers is 5, 8years.


Q11 By which no 2880 should be divided with a swaller no that it becomes a complete square.

Ans 5(Make sure of it)


Q12  What is thew value of (78*78*78-45*45*45)/(78*78+78*45+45*45)

Ans 78-45=33.  a3-b3=(a-b)(a2+ab+b2)


Q13  -----------------------------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------then value of voltage and current was given. Then Resistance was required to be calculated.


Q14 Alice lies on Mon, Tue, Wed and tells truth rest of the days. Bob lies on Thu, Fri, Sat and tells truth rest of the days.

Both make a statement.Yesterday was one of the day when i lie to people. which day they made the statement.

Ans:  Thursday.


Q15 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

--------------------A man buy a new ferrari car whose speed is three time of of his older car.His older car 45 mph. If his new car travelled a distance

of 945 mile. Then how much time his car has taken.

Ans 7.


Q16  A man has some goats and piegons.Then no. of legs were given and we were asked to find no. of piegons.

q17  there is a plot of 35m * 12m. and 1 sq m reuire 100 bricks then hw many bricks r required to cover whole areal of plot
ans. 35*12*100

The result declared and near about 61 student shortlisted out of 250 and luckily i was one of them, then next day we  called for an interview in gurgaon.

There i had cleared TR round and they said you may leave for the day result will be declared through mail after 4 or 5 days i got a mail from TCS they again called for an interview at NIET Noida on 31st August.

There i have Technical Round, MR, HR


Technical Round:

(Near about 45-55 min but interviewer was really a cool person, pta hi nhi chala time kaise pass ho gya)

Interviewer : ur core subjects?

Me: computer networking, basic electronics n devices, digital electronics, c language

Interviewr asked about mosfet, 555 timer, ripple counters , k- map, j-k, s-r flip flop, TCP/IP model, difference between HUB, SWITCH, ROUTERS.

Difference between electronics and electricals.

Some questions about projects.

He was impressed so he asked me to write any program in c. I asked him to specify program, then he smiled and asked me to write a program “take 2 no’s and print the difference of these two”

Then he recommend me for MR round



(near about 20-30 min)

Interviewer: why TCS hire u ?

Me: (diplomatic answer)

Interviewer: (he give me a situation). If u r  running any company of 50-60 people. And u were offered a  govt. project bt any person there asked for some bribe to sension that project then will u give him or not?

me : sir actually it against my values n ethics bt I would say YES as it is not only 4 my betterment, my 50 employees will also be benefited with that bla bla.

interviewer: TCS is against bribes and all.

Me: blab la bla.

Interviewer: my happy with your honesty but my friend try to change this, my recommend you for HR.

Me: thank you sir.


HR(8-10 min)

I enter the room interviewer asked me to bring a cell phone lying on another table .

Then she asked me to sit

Express urself?

What u know about TCS?

Then she told me about the package and location

Any question you want to ask ?

Me: yes, what would be our work profile over there?


Result will be send to you through mail .

and next day only i got a mail that i got selected. friends i want to tell you i before TCS i have appeared already for near about 10-12 companies but not able to clear my Written exam. So please don't get dippressed if you are one of like me."Bhagwan k ghar derr h andher nhi..."


All The Best

Rohit Gupta