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Hi Friends,

This is Anil from RRSCET sharing my experience in being a part of TCS family which was a thriller movie in my life, because i never expected that i will be selected. I new most of the students will have confidence that written exam will be tough and will be eliminated in written itself. So i also have the same confidence that i will never  crack the written exam and i never cleared any exam except this TCS, so you people those who have confidence like me and very much frustrated with placements and not getting into any company because of this written exam this experience may help you 2/10 times remaining 8 is your part (haha yeh dekhne se selc8 nahi hota beta padna zaruri hai  magar bagwan saat dena) ok lets see my movie of my life. TCS(total confusing situation).
It was 5th September I received a mail from Mr. Ranodeep of TCS inviting for TCS written round, as ususal my confidence came into picture that i will quit in written and already my friends also said that it has very group of large questions  impossible to clear, so my confidence grew from 60 to 90 percent but 10 percent confidence grown after seeing the expereinces from freshersworld written by some of my friends and also one of my friend cleared the written exam but he failed in Technical round bad luck due to some reason but he gave me some valuable suggestions which helped me a lot and i will add some of the them here along with my suggestions.
TCS exam pattern:
This time in TCS 2010 recruitment they changed the pattern,  new pattern is 35questions 60mins for which 1 mark for correctly answering -0.33 for wrong one's.(edar bhagawan ko mat sochna haha luck nahi kaam aata sirf talent) us life don't guess just if your confident only attempt it i'm confident in attempting 32  in which 31 are correct i am proud of myself, i never believed because you already know my confidence.
Tips to crack the written:

1. Read the question from last 2 lines if not able to get go to last 3 lines bottom up approach is more importatnt because saying about (Eg: lilavathi ka hei8 he will ask product of 2 number what are those sum of squares of the same numbers at last) this why read it from last
2. Topics to be concentrated in R.S Aggarwal uncle's book
a) Pipes and cisterns (Only concentrate on methods like simulaneus filling taps and sequentital filling time taken and size of tub )2 problems
b) Time and Distance (Average distance problems formula-2xy/(x+y) x-first speed y-second speed -1 prob and d=s*t simple problem only 1 so total 2 problems
c)Numerical calculations simple problem based on (A+B)^2=A^2+B^2+2AB AND (A+B)^3
But not directly he will ask it using lilavathi story telling the concept at last saying that product of two numbers is something and sum of two numbers is something find sum of squres of that number  A+B is given AB is given solve it using  A+B whole square formal and get sum of squares 2 problems
d) Ages problems 2 problems
e) Surface area and formulas on geomentry 1 problem
f) Permutation -2 problems
g) Probability -2 problems
h) Blood relations -2 problems same problems from R.S uncle(Aggarwal)
Just  know the concept to solve and use the 1st tip its enough you will be able to solve 16 questions 3 puzzles are there which i will be sharing all the types.
a) Uncle puzzle is there which means 7 rupees must be divided between 3 things banan, choco, biscuit for buying this for this type of puzzle answer is always 1. 1st item 2-2nd item1-3rd item squence is 1,2,1
b) My papers as different puzzle that is 20 cake pieces must be divided among 3 people mother father and sons that is mother eats 2 pieces  father eats 3 and son eats half so what will be the quantity to so choose the option which suits the question cum from options that is add the qunatity by father and mother and son to get total 20 which will suit it that is the answer.
c) A question on arrangement on letters answers may me one is bird or animal if its repeteka its bird if its rigte its animal (tiger).
d) A question on hand shake which is from shakus puzzle buk formula is 2^n=n(n-1)/2 number of hand shakes problem 8 people attending party number of hanshakes with cycle means 8*7/2=28 or if u find the word  no cycle than answer is 7 one less 
e) A question on socks to be picked in dark room to get the socks of same color its number of choices total number of types of socks +1
f) A problem on cake preparing toppings its always (ans:ncm=28) same as handshakes
g) A problem on buliding number number of 2's  or 3's or 4's etc upto 9 answer is always 20 (count 2 in 22 two times every body in this forms will written8 19 its worng its answer is 20 for 2-9 number and 21 for number of 1's because 100 is included.
h) A problem on ohm law V=IR formula simple bit this problems if you prepare its enough to get 30 out of 35 may be 35 also but remaining 3 i don't know how to solve  and some model question i'm uploading the file solve all those you will easily get 30 in my movie that day was the happiest day i felt because first time in my life i lost my confidence that i have previously (failing in written).
I got the mail to night that I am shortlisted for TR i was very much excited first time i got the oppurtunity to prove my interview ability and technical skills and softskills(which i don't have)
Technical and mangeral interview on 9th Sept
My project is on Java so they concentrated only on project mainly real time questions since I done my project on my own they told me to write the code also which i wrote succesfully ony 1 module( don't worry)
2. Questions on C mainly from arrays and pointers and structures and linked lists practice one program from each just to have confident that you know all haha. Simple programs to be known fibb, factorial prime, even and odd arrays to be constriucted taking numbers as inuput, pascal traingle, pyramid  all this are not asked only for me but i am writing all the question asked for CSE people for ECE what is data structure give exmple this questions for EEE they are rejecting most of them. It was combined round for me that is manegral and technical which for 30-35mins they said to wait for 10 mins besides them they said you are through to HR. I was shocked gods grace i was forwaded to HT (highly risky). 
HR round: Same day
This round was a walking cake for me because the interviwer was like my brother who was talking very friendly with me
1. Tell me about Yourself (This was my expecting question but he not started with this question he started saying)
HR:  Mr Anil your eyes are read?
Me: Sir, i was reading  the whole night yesterday for technical round
HR: So you read for technical rounds (actually i should say i was prepring not reading this the mistake he caught)
Me: It's not like that sir i need to brush up all the technical topics i have in my academics
HR: So if you read like this the whole night than your nerves will get disturbed you can't work in companys
Me: Yes sir, but frankly speaking last time i have attended the interview in Accenture i failed to clear the technical round. So this time i don't want to miss this oppurtunity that's why sir i prepared so much and i'm successfull in doing so because if you clear TR only they will send to HR
HR: Thats good Anil so wat are your weakness
Me: I will never mind the time if i like to work on something i like
HR: Whats your stengths
Me: Hardworker sir which is already prooved( seeing my eyes haha)
HR:  Haha laughingly said nice
Me: Sir would you like to see my achievements(diverting) 
HR: No i trust you, you just say me why you got those
Me: Said the history of those topics and said i am interested in knowing the new tehcnologys sir
HR: Ahaa so can you tell me one which is not presently launched in a market but yet to be launched
Me : Said every thing the new tehcnology names cryonics ( getting back the dead person)
HR:  Vow thats really great where you got this
Me:  From net
HR: Do you cry Anil
Me: No sir 
HR: Last time when you cried 
Me: Said some situation about my mother
HR: Ok asked about my family how many members are there in your family
Me : 3 myslef my father and mother
HR: Will you relocate?
Me: Yes sir
HR: But you are the only one to your parents name you may be prefering Hyderabad.
Me: Yes sir, if the preference is given to me i prefer hyderabad but if the TCS requires me in other location i am ready to relocate my cousin will take care of them.
HR: Ok that's fine Anil just read english news papers so that you can develop your career more and more ok by TCS all the best see you
Me: Thank you sir shaking the hands came out happily.
It was a nice conversation between me and HR they said they will inform me within a week but its got too late because of holidays Sept 20 the release of my movie haha at 12:30 i received a mail from Ranodeep saying your slected hahaha by gods, fresherworld, shakkus, my friends, and myself  grace i am one of TCS  family.
Hope this type of interview may happen to all of you who apply for this company.
See you in TCS friends, bye all the best for your exam.
The End.  
A Anilkumar movie.