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I attended the off-campus placement drive of TCS at Doaba group. for college, I got my hall ticket on my mailid only those who have the hall tickets were allowed 2 appear for tests. My test was scheduled for 9am. But due sum technical faults. It happend around 3 in the noon. So there was a long wait, then the officials gave us the instructions. Listen them carefully. We were told to fill the forms got your login ids and passwords and hence the test started.
About the test:
The test consists of aptitude questions only in from  puzzles there were 30 questions and time limit was 45 mins computer(simple) calculation was allowed there was -ve marking of 1.33 for wrong answer. So be careful attempt only those whom you are sure about you can skip questions and later come back 2 them but don't think its and easy test. You need time management the pattern has changed. Earlier TCS papers were based from Barron's GRE edition but this time it was totally different. I got 2 know about the changed pattern only  a day before the test. So i couldn't had much time 2 prepare for it as i prepared only from R.S.Aggarwal's sum basics chapter i was able to crack it
Thank GOD. You can also go through shakuntala's puzzles if you wish sum questions were very very easy, like this
((385*385)- (382*382)) / (385+382) =????
Answer is : 3
But there were sum questions that was totally difficult to understand like this 1:
It was like an whole story like an scientist discovered the bear color changes with distance. He found 1 bear followd him in 1mile East, 1mile South, 1mile West and then came back 2 its base station in  North, now tell the color of bear:
a) Black
b) Brown
c) Blue
d) Red
Yes questions were based on percentage, profit and loss, direction sense, and on blood relations etc. But all questions were in the form of long stories of 5-6 lines 2 distract the reader and question is hidden in these lines. So be careful don't attempt them in Jiffy. Results were announced in half and hour. I cleard it cut off was high
Technical round:
They gave us a form to fill. Fill it carefully and wait for your turn the panel consisted of 2 Tcs officials I entred the room wished them they told me to be seated as soon as i sat, i 1st TCSer told me to solve 2  maths series questions. Firstly i was unabled to do so but with his hint i solved them after that he asked me to gave my introduced. I did so. Then he asked me sum questions related to data structure like binary search and all. I answered them.
I was very nervous as it was my 1st intrview but he told me to be calm. He was very nyc and plesent. I felt relaxed.
Then he asked me sum questions regarding C. I couldn't anwsered them. I told him that i have an ECE background. So don't know see much. Then 2nd TCSer asked me to tell  about my favourite subjects. I answered. Microproc and digital. He asked me to draw 8085 architect. but i studied only 8086's archi. But still i draw the architecture and explaind to him. Then the 1st 1 asked me to draw OSI and TCP/IP  as i have done my training in complete. netwroking. I draw and explaind to him.
He asked sum questions relatng to them. I answered them all. He was very impressed by my answers. I felt elated
he told me that i was on the edge and i have to wait for my results. My heart was beating very fast. After 45 mins they announced the results and thank GOD. I cleared this round also. I sigh relief about 60%  of us were selected
Managerial round:
This was an easy round
There were to officials but only 1 was asking question.
Sum basics question like why TCS? Why we should we hire you?. Selectd any were else? like that i answered them and he was convinced no techinal.
I cleared it too about 80% of us were selected.
HR round:
It was happening in group of 7 to 10 candidates the HR was very nyc.
When we entered in. We were given a hypothetical situation and told us to give are reviews and then to have good on it. Luckily the HR agreed with my opinon.
Then she changed the situation to more difficult 1and then asked to give our opinons, Then we asked sum question like our package, job location and training.
she explained us evreything and solved our all doubts
After 45 mins. Results were announced. I was selected in my dream company. Wow almost all were selected.
I'm a TCSer now.
All the best you guys and gals.
Do your best
Hope to see you at TCS.