Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Shinjan Saha updated on Jul 2020
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It was a dream slot campusing. So the figures were: 150->50->33.I am from IT. Only 6 of us qualified from IT in the final selection. Selection procedure consists of two stage:-
1. Aptitude Test
2. Interview
Aptitude (online for 1.5 hrs) test is of 3 sections:-
1. Verbal
2. Quants & DI
3. Critical Reasoning

Verbal section contains 10 synonyms and 10 antonyms, a passage with fill up the blanks and a reading comprehension. This section was quite tough.
Quants & DI section was easy. Practice previous papers thoroughly. Nothing else is required.
Critical reasoning was easy.

The whole question paper was full of flaws, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, wrong questions, wrong options. The page refreshes at a regular interval. So check that you have clicked the option before submitting.
Aptitude was in two rounds in groups of 100 and 50 as there was space limitation. I was in the 3rd position in the first list of students who qualified from the aptitude. The names are in the descending order of the marks obtained in aptitude test.
Now the interview.

me: Good afternoon sir, good afternoon ma'am.
ma'am: so Shinjan, tell me something abot yourself & why do you want to join TCS?
me: told.
ma'am: So you have written DBMS in your CV, so tell me what is implicit and explicit cursor?
me: I don't know
ma'am: you know PL/SQL?
me: yes ma'am.
ma'am: then what is a cursor?
me: told.
ma'am:you use Linux, right?then what is the unix command for displaying all the hidden files and folders?
me: ls -a
sir: what is object oriented concept in java?
me: (it was such a crap question, I was confused at the question) told whatever I could
sir: what is function overloading and overriding?
gave me an A4 sheet
I wrote a program and made him understand both the concepts.
sir: how is exception handling done in java?
me: told.
sir: why do we catch an exception?
me: told.
sir: what happens if we do not catch an exception?
me: told.
sir: what is the difference between == and .equals()?
me: told.
sir: what is an interface?
me: told.
sir: what is the main difference between java and C++?
me: told.
sir: have you heard of the term (i have forgotten the term) in java?
me: no, i don't know this.
sir: what is arraylist?
me: i have no idea.
ma'am: ok, what are your ambitions in life?
me: told.
both of them: ok, thank you Shinjan.
me: thank you sir, thank you ma'am.

I was selected.
All the best guys!!