Tata Consultancy Services Candidate-Experiences Contributed by P. Maruthirao updated on Jan 2021



hai this is maruthirao

i attened tcs at chennai on 3\11\06  they mainly concentrate on project if project is on java be careful most of filtered people project is java only .since my project is on PHP i am on safe side they doesn't ask any queriers on it
my tech interview
she:tell me ur b.tech subjects I:  with out delay i told upto 3-1 she:ur favourite subjects I: dbms,c,java&php she:tell me about joins I: i explained with an example she:primary key,superkey,candidate key I :better explain with example SHE::transcation properties I: explained all SHE:difference b/n c,java I: explained SHE about:pointers I:  explained she asked about 6 queriers on dbms but i answered five only then she shifted to java
after it MR its be some wat difficult than tech because out of 350 per day around 200 cleared tech so max filteration is on this round only  i tried better but not upto the mark  they asked me about cultivation,favourite place other than historical places &why  be coll