TCE-TATA-CONSULTING-ENGINEERS Whole-Testpaper Contributed by sanup kumar updated on Jan 2021


TCE  (Tata Consulting  Engineers)

Campusing at jadavpur university

Departments participated:

Instrumentation & electronics engg.

Electrical engg.

Mechanical engg.

Construction engg.

TCE selection procedure:

Aptitude test

Technical test

Technical interview

HR interview

Aptitude test:

30 questions 30 min

mcq type

sample questions:
1. a passage on hypertension 3 questions from there

2. two jumble sentences. you have to make them  in order

3. two or three word meaning

4. structure of sentences 2-3

5. maths from profit and loss 2

6. area of rombus

7. arrange in ascending/descending order

8. simple hight and distance math 1

9. simple geometry

10. graphs, bar chart, circle diagram -10 questions.

 technical paper: (instrumentation)
30 questions, 30 min
mcq type
sample questions:
1.      what is three element control

2.      what is inherent valve characteristics

3.      what is meant by cv of a valve

4.      which flowmeter does not depend on viscosity changes (except coriolis)

5.      specific gravity given. state density

6.      name a mass flow meter

7.      what is i-action

8.      why it is used?

9.      what is d action

10.  what is the flow characteristics of a valve (flow rate vs rated travel)

11.  what is used for the continuous level control of a tank? (p/pi/pid)

12.  mark out the transducer (i/p,flow tx,orifice)

13.  pb given. find kc

14.  define the terms reproducibility,repeatability,drift,hysteresis

15.  what is the difference between each of them?

16.  absolute pressure at sea level is 10mmhg. what is equivalent in vaccum?

17.  name a bi-directional flow meter

18.  what is the function of actuator, posotioner, ip conv in a pneumatic control valve. know precisely

technical interview:
average 20 min each person. there were two interviewer. one of them was from electronics. other one from instrumentation

1.      tell me about yourself

2.      what are the subjects you have read

3.      two wire tx. know very precisely and deeply.

4.      why 4-20 ma range is taken?state any other ranges. live /dead zero concept

5.      how actually the signal and power get transmited over the same pair of wires. mind the circuit diagrams.

6.      what are the process variables you have measured

7.      bubblers!!!!! very important to tce as i thought!!

8.      adc types. which one is mostly used?

9.      sampling theorem. who gave this. two answers!!

10.  sample and hold circuit

11.  what is does? why necessary?

12.  analog or digital which one is more accurate?

13.  digital resolution. why 1/2lsb is important? why it is used to specify the accuracy of an adc?

14.  basic principle of emfm. if the pipe is not full what will happen?

15.  p controller. what is pb?what does it signify (show with graph)

16.  why I control is used?

17.  where I control is used? (if possible know specific examples)

18.  on off controller. with graph

19.  what types of pressure gauges you have seen?

20.  what is the basic funda of dp type sensor?

21.  know in details about capacitive type dp cell

22.  what is the difference between intrinsically safe and explosion proof?

from my friends:

1.      identify p/i/d response from a curve.

2.      coriolis-basic principle.can it be mounted vertical?

3.      orifice-taps with dimensions-can it be mounted vertical?

4.      difference between orifice and venturi. whrer are they applicable?

5.      thermocouple range. cold junction compensation(very imp)

6.      multiplexer

7.      schmitt trigger.

8.      why offset occurs in p control

9.      what is meant by instrumentation?

10.  why instrumentation and process control is needed?

11.  pressure response of a pipe with orifice installed

12.  what is meant by extrinsic and intrinsic semiconductor?

 materials which covers the whole thing:

1.      notes from km (mainly from transmitters, level, flow (orofice),temperature, pressure),liptak

2.      pid controllers (seborg and others)

3.      control valves (dcp, seborg and internet)

TCE hr interview:
This selection was totally on technical interview performance. in hr they just asked me about family background, what i know about  tce. what types of job i like? can i fulfill their requirement? etc.

all the best