Tata-Groups Technical-Other Contributed by Kaja updated on Mar 2021

                                          Tata Motors Ltd Technical Questions

1. Difference between petrol and diesel engine
2. Questions on inertia forces, kinetic energy, Newton’s laws in detail
3. Which material is used in refrigerator wall for insulation
4. Working of flywheel
5. How can exhaust gases be utilized,
6. What is the efficiency of a general petrol engine,
7. How does the combustion process occur in a diesel engine, 
8. What is the temperature of exhaust gases.
9. What is the function of gear box.
10. Wankel engine. Why it is named so.
11. Firing order of four cylinder engine
12. What is the least count of vernier calipers, micrometer screw gauge.
13. Which is the strongest material?
14. Which material undergoes creeping at room temperature?
15. What is the diameter of the dome of Gol Gumbaz.
16. What is the difference between fission and fusion?
17. Why is transmission necessary in automobiles?
18. What is strain gauge and what is its principle.
19. What method is used to find hardness of elastic material.
20. Carnot and sterling cycles.
21. Draw the profile of spring washer.
22. Draw the block diagram of a closed loop s/m
23. What re the methods to lock a nut.