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Tata-Groups Interview Questions

                                   Tata Communications Ltd Interview Questions


This is the second round, means Interview.Mine interview was around 20 min.There were 2 people in the pannel.One wll ask technical and other will HR questions.
They wll ask your favourite subject.
I told them networking.
So they asked questions from this.

Few questions are:

1: Define Network
2:Diff b/w OSI nd TCP/IP
3: Diff b/w Switches, Bridges nd Routers. Which one is better nd why?
4:Diff b/w LAN nd WAN
5:Function of Session layer
6:Capacitance of coaxial cabel
7: Demorgans law
8: Maxwell eqn
9: Shenon’s eqn
10: Define S/N
11: AM, FM, PM
12: why clock is required and what is synchronisation?
13: What is an Amplifier nd types of it?

Few of my frnds asked questions frm GSM, Mobile Communication, Satellite communication, Filters etc. But all questions were basic one.
I had given all answers except 2 or 3.
And after tht they wll ask some HR questions.

Best of LUCK.