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Tata-Groups Interview Questions

                                       TATA Motors Limited Interview Questions

Technical Interview Questions :

• Types of gears?
• Working of the steering?
• Mpfi?
• How dashpot and string were released in a car?
• Use of vibration analysis for car movement?
• Relation between torque and force?
• Torque and work?
• Purpose of a cv boot?
• Difference in an engine which uses long instead of petrol?
• OHC?
• Camshaft mechanism?

HR Interview Questions :

• Tell us about yourself and your background.
• What do you know about TATA MOTORS?
• Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
• Tell us about the extra-curricular activities mentioned in the form.
• How many companies did you sit for before Tata? 
• Any future plan of doing MBA or MS?
• Whether you have any problem in getting placed at remote locations?