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Tata-Groups Electrical-Engineering-EE

                                     Tata Steel Ltd Electrical Interview Questions


Some of the questions asked in the Tata Steel Ltd interviews are given below :

* What are the disadvantages in GIS over AIS 

* Why always electric field is linked with magnetic field??? 

* Why we use star and delta connection?why we donot give the supply directly? 

* Which relay is used on long transmission lines 

* Diff between grounding & earthing 

* What is the difference between Earthing,Grounding and neutral? 

* What is mean by LCL filter and its purpose ?

* What happens if dc supply is given to a transformer?

* What is chopper?

* What is meant by pulse triggered devices?

* What is meant by GTO?

* What does 10V AC mean? Is it the RMS voltage or Peak voltage or Average voltage?