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Graduate Engineer Trainee Interview Experience

I have attended Tata communications limited placement program.The process took a day–interviewed at Tata Communications .First there was a PPT in which they explained about the company and its business. Initially i did not know much about company but in their PPT i was really very much impressed. Only ECE students were allowed for placement by tata communications.After that there was written test that comprised of 2 sections.

1. Technical 
2. Aptitude

In technical there were very basic questions from basic electronics, computer networking, operating systems. In aptitude questions were quite easy, from profit and loss,percentage,time-speed, simple interest,calculations based..but speed matter here a lot.

In total (tech + apti) there were 50 questions for 60 mins.Out of a total of 290 students 45 were shortlisted for next round.Next round was technical interview.In technical interview they were asking qustions like:

1. Tell me about urself
2. Explain your project. they ll ask you your domain (they prefer it computer networks and optical communication related)
3. Basic networking questions.
4. C programming and data structure questions from tree and linked list (i was also shocked, why they are asking data structure, but don;t worry they just expect the algorithm from you)

My technical interview lasted for 20 mins. After that i was called for HR interview.HR lady asked me only single question.."tell me abt yourself"..and she was impressed..Next day i got the result and i was selected..