Tata-ELXSI Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Avinash S Bajaj updated on Aug 2020
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hi avinash here...got placed in tata elxsi ..the selection procedure was for 2 days..17th and 18th feb. 2007
i guess around 800 people appeared for the test....on the first day they shorlisted around 170 people based on the written test whose format ill give below..

the next day was the interview (technical and hr).

NOTE:1. make sure if there are negative marks or not..its by merittrac...so never been neg marks till date...many of my friends lost out on this as they dint mark answers which they were partly sure of..

2. papers are given for the allocated time only ..times up and u gotta start the next...so u ve to be quick in some sections.

ok first written test format:  the total duration is 100 mins and 100 questions in all.

1. Verbal ability: 20q-20mins
this is pretty simple...completing sentences...usage of articles...if u r naturally ok in english it wont be a problem at all..the passages were pretty stupid but not very simple...so try to get as many q as possible..cant do much about others but guess..no harm as no negative marks...

2.Analytical ability: 25q-30 mins(not v sure..forgot)
this is a section where go for all the easy q first...many of them r tricky...so dont try to go for all..unless u r a brain or something...u can go thru some basic book like rs aggarwal....questions will be on venn diags...cubes..trains...boats n streams...etc...nothin unexpected...try to get as many as poss....the rest u can guess....

3.Attention to detail: 25q-20 mins
this might be irritating but just chill....and do this section lightly...all based on common sense...no preparation needed...questions will be on the symbol interchanging(eg: they give an expression and say * stands for +,-stands for  / ,and so on....and u gotta calculate the new value) ...but dont take it casually as well...again try to do as much as possible.

4.Engineering subject (electronics/computers) : 30q-30 mins
this is where most of them lose out . im from ece so had electronics paper . here just give it ur best shot n wait for final results .if ur knowledge is good and ur guesses r right...no probs...anyways the various topics they touch upon are: network analysis...cmos logic...semiconductors...microprocessor(this is imp)...vhdl..etc...basically just brush through all imp subjs u ve studied till date and go confident...u will most probably not get all.... i scored 13 out of 30 in this section so that was good enough i guess though i think i was pretty ok in all the other sections.

now interviews:
all about ur specialisation . tata elxsi is known to filter out many students based on this....so go well prepared to face them confidently even though u might be just average in ur subjects....but be pretty strong with the basics they are not expectin u to remmember all the muggin formulas...equations..etc...u can always say u dont recollect them now...but if u explain the logic well...ur through....he asked me logic design...vhdl...vlsi..microprocessors....microcontrollers...

some of my friends were asked screwing c and c++ questions inspite of being from ec background so beware of that...though probabilty is less...

this is pretty cool....be natural...dont try to impress them too much...be friendly...at the same time be careful of tricky questions regarding ur future plans...ur ambition.....just chill...take it easy..they will just see how enthusaiatic u are about wat u wanna do...so no probs...!!

OK people ALL THE VERY BEST....give it ur best shot and leave the rest to god and luck!!  be cool......