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Syntel Written Test pattern

Syntel – Selection procedure

There are 3 processes
1. Written Test
2. Group discussion and
3. Technical and HR interview

Test Pattern
Number of questions: 45
Time duration: 45 Minutes
No Negative mark
Test Type: On line

Areas to concentrate
>Number series
>Blood relation
>Direction sense
>Coding and decoding
>Arrangement questions (Seating Arrangement)
>Verbal ability
>Reading comprehension
>Sentence error correction
>Correct spelling

Candidate Experience
Whole test paper
45 questions-45 minutes

It was conducted online. You have to solve 45 questions in 45 minutes. You can’t go back to the previous question. If you don’t know then guess the answer and attempt to next question. There is no negative marking. Initial questions were very time consuming puzzles. Don’t give extra time to any question.

Will try to recall some of the questions.

1. Find the next number in the series-4 problems they were so easy like:
Increase by 2,4,16,25 etc.
Learn more from Numbers

2. Find the odd one out-3 problems
All numbers resulted in 9 while adding their digits, except 1
All numbers were divisible by some number say x, except 1

3. Find the correct spelling- 1 problem ( I dont remember the word, but it was easy to make out from the option choice)

4. Blood relation-2 problems.

5. Reading comprehension -3 questions (from the same passage, appeard on a single page)

6. Find which part of the sentence has error - 3 problems
the sentence was broken and each section was given as an option. Very easy like, basic grammar ( from-since, have been, adverb usage)

7. All diamond rings are blue.

Some blue rings are costly.

All diamond rings are blue 4 questions of this sort, and they ask you to arrange these 3 rules in order
options were a.123, b.231, c.213, 4.132

8. In a certain language, manage is coded as namega, then wats the code for nature? (This is a basic question. 2 or 3 tricky ones were there)
4 problems of this sort

9. Alphabetical ordering questions(interesting)-4 problems
abbcccddddeeeeefffff?? (ans:fg) 
adg hkm oru ??? (ans:vyb)

10.A Situation explained in a passage..and 3 questions following (say like, arrangement - tough). 12 questions (totally 4 such problems)

11.direction- 2 problems
like- A is 20m to the south of B who is 20m to the west of C. then wat can u say about A and C?(something of this sort with 4 options including the angle and direction between A and B)

12.Incomplete sentence-3 problems 
like: Im have been longing to go to London _____ from my childhood(with 4 options)

Want more practice tests?
Click here for online practice tests with coutdown timer,instant score and detail test analysis with answer and explanation

2) Group discussion:

It is also an elimination round. Try to correlate topic with different issues. If they give topic “circle” then don’t discuss circle. It is an abstract topic. You can talk about circle of friends and harmony. Show your general awareness don’t sit idle. Be active in GD.

GD Topics

“Boom in IT Industry”
"Is Mobile should be prohibited in school and colleges
“What is happening in Egypt and Kashmir?”
"Globalization of IT Companies to Government Sector"

3) Technical & HR interview:

C++, Java, .net etc, questions based on Linux OS, SQL, HTML, XML the project mentioned in my resume.
What is a pointer?"
What you meant by circular pointer and its advantages and disadvantages?"
OOPs (what is polymorphism and abstraction or something
Tell me about yourself?
Strengths ?
Weakness ?
Family background?
Why I should hire you?
Why Syntel?
Willing to work anywhere?
For how many years will you work for Syntel? (Asked me to say some specific
number of years.)
Extracurricular activities.
Interested in which subject?
In which type of company would you like to join? (Asked me to tell the name of company)