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Syntel Interview Questions

                                           Syntel Interview Questions 

Hi Friends,

I am sharing the interview questions I faced at Syntel . You may also face some of them. Anticipate these and other questions related to your background. If you are prepared and answer them confidently, you can easily make it through interview.

Technical Interview Questions 

• What is mutual exclusion principle?

• Explain the process control block of a process.

• What is rise time and bandwidth?

• Explain your project in detail.

• What is 'JMeter'?

• Will you be comfortable working in analysis and testing?

HR Interview Questions 

• Introduce yourself.

• Explain your family background.

• Why have your marks gone down after your 10th?

• What are your future goals?

• What are your positive points?

• Why do you want to join Syntel?