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Syntel Candidate-Experiences


Hi friends, This is vamsi......,i recently got placed in syntel,criteria is 60% wth no standing arrear. the recuirtment drive was held on 12th july 2007 for 2004-2008 batch in REC,chennai. a total of 15 colleges were invited . 

There were three rounds:-
1)written section (1 hour)
It consists of two sections

a: Logical reasoning (25 questions cut off 13):
Questions were like find the puzzles,blood relations, logical deductions like syllogism

b:English section(15 questions cut off 8):-
small passage will be given n we need to select a sentence to represent d meaning of the passage. Fill in  the blanks  with appropriate words. find the grammatical error in the sentence. 
they announced the results with in 1 hour,a total of 640 students attended and around 70 members cleared the written test

2)Technical interview

it was held on the same day after 2 hours of announcing the results. as i belong to ece ,questions were
i)tell me about urself
ii)project details
iii)wat is microprocessor
iv)stack & queue
v)linked list
and then they announced the results of tech round and i am one of the persons for the next round 

3)HR interview
it was held on the same day , i entered the room,there was one person. he asked me
i)tell me about urself
ii)ur family background
iii)about my education 

out of 70 students 41 were placed. The main thing is to be positive n confident, dont feel nervous. They are looking for people who know c and have good communication skill.

ALL THE BEST!..........