SSC Question-Paper |   3995

SSC Question-Paper

SSC Exam method like will contain 200 Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions from General Intelligence, English Language (Basic Knowledge),Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill) and General Awareness Sections with 50 questions from each topic of the SSC LDC Exam Syllabus. Similarly Exam Syllabus Pattern of SSC DEO posts 2015 was specified as Objective Type Written Test followed by Skill Test for Data Entry etc. 

                                        SSC CHSL Model Question Paper

General Awareness

1. Cost of production of the producer is given by:
(a) sum of wages paid to labourers.
(b) sum of wages and interest paid on capital.
(c) sum of wages, interest, rent and supernormal profit.
(d) sum of wages, interest, rent and normal profit.

2. „Kesari?, the Newspaper was started by 
(a) G.K. Gokhale 
(b) B. G. Tilak
(c) Sardar Patel
(d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

3. When was the Indian Constitution adopted?
(a) 15th August, 1947
(b) 26th November, 1949
(c) 26th January, 1950
(d) 2nd October, 1952

4. Which one of the following is the smallest endocrine gland in human body ?
(a) Adrenal 
(b) Thyroid
(c) Pituitary 
(d) Pancreas

5. Double is a_______data type.
(a) primitive 
(b) user defined
(c) system defined 
(d) local

6. Yellow spots on citrus leaves is due to the deficiency of:
(a) Zinc 
(b) Magnesium
(c) Boron 
(d) Iron

7. Rangaswami Cup is associated with
(a) Wrestling
(b) Football
(c) Hockey 
(d) Golf

8. The working of a rockets based on the principle of:
(a) Conservation of momentum
(b) Conservation of mass
(c) Conservation of energy
(d) Conservation of angular momentum

9. Which one of the following is a Wild Life Sanctuary ?
(a) Jaldapara 
(b) Garumara
(c) Corbett 
(d) Chapramari

10. The river which is used for inland waterways in India is .
(a) Ganga 
(b) Cauveri
(c) Mahi 
(d) Luni

11. The atmospheric layer closest to the earth is:
(a) Mesosphere 
(b) Hydrosphere
(c) Troposphere 
(d) Ionosphere

12. "Yellow Revolution" is associated with the production of
(a) Poultry 
(b) Gold
(c) Sunflower 
(d) Oil seeds

13. Under the “Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme”, the amount of pension for those above 80 years has been increased per month from Rs. 200 to
(a) Rs.300 
(b) Rs.400
(c) Rs.500 
(d) Rs.1000

14. The state which has recently overtaken Karnataka for the top rank in the production of bio-fertilisers is
(a) Tamil Nadu 
(b) Gujarat
(c) Maharashtra 
(d) Punjab

15. The upper house of the State Legislature in India is called
(a) Legislative Council
(b) Legislative Assembly
(c) Executive Council
(d) Governor -in -Council

16. Maximum number of sugar factories are located in
(a) Uttar Pradesh 
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Bihar 
(d) Assam

17. The All Women Expedition Team of the Indian Air Force which scaled the Mount Everest some time back was headed by
(a) Sqn. Ldr. D. Panda
(b) Sqn. Ldr. Nirupama Pandey
(c) Flt. Lt. Nivedita Choudhary
(d) Flt. Lt. Rajika Sharma

18. While computing national income estimates, which of the following is required to be observed?
(a) The value of exports to be added and the value of imports to be subtracted
(b) The value of exports to be subtracted and the value of imports to be added
(c) The value of both exports and imports to be added
(d) The value of both exports and imports to be subtracted

19. If the Prime Minister of India submits his resignation to the President, it will mean the resignation of the
(a) Prime Minister only
(b) Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers
(c) Entire Council of Ministers
(d) Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and the Speaker

20. A fuse wire is made of:
(a) an alloy of tin and copper
(b) an alloy of tin and lead
(c) an alloy of tin and aluminium
(d) an alloy of nickel and chromium