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SSC CGL General ability Questions with answers.Staff Selection commission SSC Combined Graduate level Tier-1 previous years solved questions papers with detailed explnations

SSC CGL Previous Yera solved question papers

Directions (Question. 1-3) For each of the following questions, there exists a certain relation between the first two words. The same relation also exists in third and fourth words. Out of these four words, one word is missing. The place of the missing word is shown by question-mark. Find out the missing word from the five words given below in each question.

1.    Air : Atmosphere : : Water : ?
a)    Island
b)    Earth
c)    Ocean
d)    Drop
e)    Dew
Ans : (c) Since 'Atmosphere' is the biggest unit which contains 'Air' in the same way 'Ocean' is the biggest unit which contains 'Water'.

2.    Mother : Daughter : : Father : ?
a)    Son
b)    Brother
c)    Boy
d)    Sister
e)    Grandfather
Ans : (a) As 'Father' is the masculine of 'Mother' in the same way 'Son' is the masculine of 'Daughter'.

3.    Fossils : Creatures :: Mummies : ?
a)    Mothers
b)    Human beings
c)    Dried up dead bodies
d)    Dead bodies
e)    Egypt
Ans : (b)  As 'Fossils' are the remains of 'Creatures' dug up from earth in the same way 'Mummies' are the remains of the 'Human -beings'.

Directions (Question. 4-6) For each of the following questions there is some relationship between the two terms to the left of : : and the same relationship exists between the two terms to its right. In each of these questions the fourth terms is missing. This term is one of the alternatives among the five terms given below. Find out this term.
4.    ABC : ZYX ::CBA : ?
a)    XYZ
b)    BCA
c)    YZX
d)    ZXY
e)    XZY
Ans : (a) CBA is the reverse of ABC, so ZYX is the reverse of XYZ.

5.    JLN : SQO :: PRT :?
a)    UYW
b)    UTV
c)    YWU
d)    VUT
e)    TUV
Ans : (c)   In first term one letter is missing between two consecutive letters in alphabetical order while in second term same is repeated but in reverse order.

6.    NUMBER : UNBMRE : : GHOST : ?
a)    HOGST
b)    HOGTS
c)    HGOST
d)    HGSOT
e)    HGOTS
Ans : (d)  First two letters of the first term are in reverse order in the second term and so are the next two letters

Directions (Question. 6-7) For each of the following questions one term is missing which is shown by the question-mark. The missing terms is one from the five alternatives given below in such a way that the relation between the first two terms is the same as the relation between the last two terms. Find out the missing term.
6.    6 : 35 ::  11: ?
a)    120
b)    115
c)    122
d)    121
e)    124
Ans : (a)  Second term = (First term)2 -1
                :.Fourth term   = (Third term)2-1

7.    1/4 : 1/8: : 1/3 : ?
a)    1/7
b)    1/4
c)    1/6
d)    2/6
e)    1/2
Ans : (c)  First term double of the second term. Hence , fourth term will be = 1/3 x 1/2 i.e., 1/6

Directions (Question. 8-9) For each of the following questions, there are two words and five alternative answers. In each of the alternative answers there are two words. The candidates has to find out the alternative whose two words have the same relation as in the two words given in beginning.
8.    Resignation : Office : :
a)    Competition : Game   
b)    Illness : Hospital
c)    Abdication : Throne
d)    Moisture : Rain
e)    Appointment : Interview
Ans : (c) As in the resignation the office is to be left in the same manner when abdication is done, throne is to be left.

9.    Sapling : Tree ::
a)    Horse : Mare
b)    Student : Teacher
c)    Bud : Flower
d)    Tree : Furniture
e)    River : Brook
Ans : (c)  As sapling is a young tree in the same way bud is the young flower

Directions (Question. 10-11) For each of the following questions, there are two words and eight alternative answers. The candidates have to find out two such alternatives the relation in which is the same as in the two words given in the beginning.
10.  Trees and Forest
a)    Ocean
b)    Page
c)    Books
d)    Study
e)    Library
f)     Ship
g)    Boys
h)    Classes
Ans : (c, e) As number of tree together make 'Forest' in the same manner number of books together make ' Library'

11.  Constable and Police
a)    Clerk
b)    Hospital
c)    Medicine
d)    Mother
e)    Girl
f)     Doctor
g)    File  
h)    House
Ans : (f, b) As 'constable' comes under the 'Police' department, in the same way 'Doctor' comes under the Hospital

Directions (Question. 11-12) For each of the questions., there is a design at the left hand side and four designs at the right hand side. Find out the design from the right hand side, which resembles most to the design at left hand side.

Ans : 11(c)   
Only in figure (c),the line has one arrow at the one end and two arrows in the middle.
ans : 12(b)    If the given figure is rotated through 180o figure (b) is obtained.

Ans : (b)
From (fig 1 to 2) the whole design moves through 180o in which the arc at the end reverses at its own place while the small line moves through 90 o.

Ans : (a) From fig.(1) to (2) the whole design moves through 90o clockwise.

15.    'Skirmish' is related to 'War' in the same way as 'Disease' is related to -------
a)    Infection
b)    Epidemic
c)    Patient
d)    Medicine
e)    Death
Ans : (b) As Skirmish leads to war in the same way disease leads to epidemic .

16.    Accommodation is related to 'Rent' in the same way as 'Journey' is related to -----
a)    Luggage
b)    Expense
c)    Tax
d)    Octroi
e)    Fare
Ans : (e)  As money given for accommodation is known as rent in the same manner money given for journey is known as fare.

17.    ? is to Sri Lanka as Delhi is to ?
a)    Columbo, India
b)    Kathmandu, Capital
c)    India, Paris
d)    Island, Harbour
Ans : (a)

18.  ? is to Ivory as Deer is to ?
a)    White, Hunt
b)    Elephant, Horn
c)    Huge, Rare
d)    Costly, Scarce
Ans : (b)

Directions (Question. 19-20) For each of the questions, out of five words given, four have one quality or concept common which is not applicable to the fifth. Choose the odd one out.
a)    Square
b)    Rectangle   
c)    Triangle
d)    Circle
e)    Area
Ans : (e)

a)    Hut     
b)    Building
c)    Cottage
d)    Accommodation
e)    Villa
Ans : (d)

21.    Which number will come next in the given series ?  17, 13, 11, 7, 5, 1, ?
a)     1
b)     2
c)     0
d)     -1
Ans : (d) Each odd term is less by 2 than its previous term.

22.   -aba - cabc - dcba - bab - a
a)    abdca 
b)    bcadc
c)    abcdd
d)    cbdaa
Ans : (a)    The series formed is : a a b a b c a b c d d c b a c b a b a a in which the letter equi-distant from the beginning and end are the same.

23.   If in a certain language, KNOWLEDGE is coded as 256535475, how is 'GENERAL' coded in that code ?
a)    7545993
b)    7969393
c)    7555913
d)    755591
e)    None of these
Ans : (c)    K is in the 11th place according to alphabetic order
                   :. K = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2
                      N =  14= 1+4 = 5
        Like this     O = 15 = 1+5  = 6
                            W= 23 = 2+3 = 5 and so on.
            :. GENERAL = 7555913

24.   In a certain code language ----
1.     'po ki top ma' means 'Usha is playing cards'.
2.    'kob ja ki ma' means 'Asha is playing tennis'.
3.    'ki top sop ho' means 'they are playing football'.
4.    'po sur kob' means 'Cards and tennis'.
Which word in that language means 'Asha' ?
a)    ja   
b)    ma
c)    kob
d)    top
e)    ki
Ans :  (a)   'po ki top ma'  =  Usha is playing cards
                  'po sur kob'      = Cards and tennis,
                    :. po= cards,
                 but kob ja ki ma=Asha is playing tennis
                 :. kob  = tennis  and 'ki ma'=  is playing
                Hence, 'ja' = Asha

25.  Mohan was facing East. He walked 4 km forward and then after turning to his right walked 3 km. Again he turned to his right and walked 4 km. After this he turned back. Which direction was he facing at that time ?      
a)    East
b)    West
c)    North
d)    South
e)    North-West
Ans :  (a)
Movements of Mohan are as follow :

If Mohan turned back from the final position he must be facing in the direction of East.

26.    Six students are sitting in a row, K is sitting between V and R. V is sitting next to M. M is sitting next to B, who is sitting on the extreme left and Q is sitting next to R. Who are sitting adjacent to V ?
a)    R and Q
b)    B and M
c)    Q and K
d)    K and R
e)    M and K
Ans : (e) The positions of the six students are as given below :   o --------o-------o--------o------o-------o
                                                                                              B      M        V      K       R     Q

27.    Leela, who is Sohan's daughter, says to Latika "Your mother Alka is the younger sister of my father who is the third child of Gajanan. " What is the relation of Gajanan to Latika ?
a)     Father
b)    Uncle
c)    Grand father
d)    Father in-law
e)    None of these
Ans : (c) As Alka is the sister of Sohan and Sohan is the third child of Gajanan, therefore, Alka will be the daughter of Gajanan. But Latika is the daughter of Alka, therefore, Gajanan will be grandfather of Latika.

28.    If the first and second letters of the word ' D E P R E S S I O N ' were interchanged, also the third and the fourth letters, the fifth and the sixth letters and so on, which of the following would be the seventh letter from the right ?
a)    R
b)    O
c)    P
d)    S
e)    I
Ans : (c) After making the required changes, the word formed is 'E D R P S E I S N O'.  The seventh letter of this word from the right is 'P'.

29.   My brother is 562 days older to me while my sister is 75 weeks older to him. If my sister was born on Tuesday, on which day was I born.
a)    Sunday
b)    Monday
c)    Thursday
d)    Tuesday
e)    Wednesday
Ans : (c) Difference of No. of days of my sister's age 75 x 7 + 562 ie., 1087 days. After dividing 1087 by 7, we get 2 as remainder. Therefore, 2 days after Tuesday is Thursday

Directions : Each of the following questions has four alternative  responses. Select the correct response
30.    India is the largest democracy of the world. After independence, there have been a great industrial development. The production of food grains also increased. On the contrary, the purchasing power of the common man has decreased and very small proportion of the gains of industrial and agricultural development have reached him.
Conclusions :
(I) The democracy is not suitable for India
(II) The democracy is being misused by the corrupt businessmen and politicians.
(III) The poor and the illiterate people can be easily purchased .
a)    I and II
b)    II and III
c)    I and III
d)    I, II and III
Ans : (b)
Directions : In each of the following questions two statements are given. Which are followed by four conclusions I, II, III and IV. Choose the conclusions which logically follow from the given statements .
31.    Statements : All the goats are tigers. All the tigers are lions.
         Conclusion :   
         I. All the goats are lions
        II. All the lions are goats
        III. Some lions are goats
        IV. Some tigers are goats
a)    All the four
b)    Only I, II and III
c)    Only I, III and IV
d)    Only II, III and IV
e)    None of these
Ans : (c)
Directions :
In each of these questions below given a statement is followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. You have to consider the statement and the  assumptions and then decide which of the assumptions is/ are implicit
32.  The Central Government has directed the State Government to reduce government expenditure in view of the serious resource crunch and it may not be able to sanction any additional grant to the states for the next months.
Assumptions :
I. The State Governments are totally dependent on Central Government for its expenditures
II. The central Government has reviewed the expenditure account of the State Government
III. The State Governments will abide by the directive
a)    None is implicit
b)    Only II and III are implicit
c)    Only III is implicit
d)    All are implicit 
e)     None of these  
Ans : (b) I is not implicit because in the statement nothing is said about the source of income of State Government while II and III are directly related to the statement so II and III are implicit.

Directions (Question 33-34): Each of the following question consists of a statement followed by two arguments I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a 'strong' argument and which is a 'weak' argument. Give answer
a)    If only argument I is strong
b)    If only argument II is strong
c)    If either I or II is strong
d)    If neither I nor II is strong
e)    If both I and II are strong
33.  Statement - Should number of holidays of government employees be reduced ?
Arguments -
I. Yes, our government employees are having maximum number of holidays among the other countries of the world.
II. Yes, it will lead to increased productivity of government offices.
Ans : (b) argument I is not strong because we should copy with other country. But II is strong because on reducing the number of holidays, the working time will be increased and so productivity will also increase.

34.    Statement - Should election expenses to Central and State legislatures be met by the government ?
         Arguments - I. Yes, it will put an end to political corruption
                            II. No, it is not used in any country
Ans : (a)

Directions :    In each of the following questions, two statements I and II are given followed by and inference drawn from the statements. Mark your answer as :
a)    If the inference is correct        
b)    If the inference is wrong
c)    If the inference may be correct or wrong
d)    If the inference is irrelevant
35.  Statements ----
        I. Hydrogen is a gas
        II. This cylinder contains gas
       Inference ------ This cylinder contains Hydrogen
Ans : (c)