SPSC Placement Paper |   1466

SPSC Placement Paper

                                 Sikkim PSC Previous Year Question Paper

1. Which of the following animals is declared as `National Heritage' by the Government of India ?
(4) Deer

2. Which country had the Chairmanship of SAARC 2010 ?
(4). Bhutan

3. Which missile was successfully launched by India on March 21, 2010 ?
(4) Nag

4. Famous industrialist Vijay Mallya is the Chairman of ---------------- Airlines.

5. `The Three Mistakes of My Life' is written by
(1)Yashwant Sinha 
(2)Chetan Bhagat
(3)Arundhati Roy 
(4)Khushwant Singh

6. Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India ?
(1)Navin Jindal 
(2)Navin Chawla
(3)S.Y. Qureshi 
(4)K.P.S. Gill

7. Which state prepared the first Agro based budget ?
(2) Karnataka 

8. Who was awarded with `Swar Bhaskar' puraskar for 2011 ?
(1)Lata Mangeshkar 
(2)Asha Bhosale
(3)Suman Kalyanpur 
(4)Usha Mangeshkar

9. Which of the following Marathi films was awarded `Best Feature Film' in 57th National Film Festival ?
(4)None of these

10.Which day is celebrated as `National Tourism Day'?
(1)January 25 
(2)January 31
(3)January 8
(4)January 12

11. Who is the Director General of Police in Maharashtra ?
(1)D. Shivanandan 
(2)Dr. Ravindra Shisve
(3)Vitthal Jadhav 
(4)Ajit Parasnis

12. Who is the Chairman of ISRO ?
(1)Kasturi Ranga 
(2)Dr. K. Radhakrishan
(3)A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 
(4)None of these

13. Which two Chief Ministers were elected unopposed as members of Legislative Council of Maharashtra ?
(1)Sharad Pawar, Prithviraj Chavan
(2)Shivajirao Nilangekar Patil, Prithviraj Chavan
(3)Manohar Joshi, Prithviraj Chavan
(4)Yeshwantrao Chavan, Prithviraj Chavan

14. Which of the following countries has recently joined NAM organization ?
(4) Egypt

15. Who is the new Chairman of Infosys ?
(1)K.V. Kamat 
(3)Dr. Vijay Bhatkar 
(4)S.D. Shibbulal

16. If product of two sequential positive odd numbers is 255, find those numbers. 
(1) 15, 17 
(2) 16, 17 
(3) 19, 16 
(4) 18, 15

17. Rajanju purchased an old car for : 60,000. After one year he sold it for Z 45,000. What is the percentage loss ?
(1) 15 
(2) 20 
(3) 30 
(4) 25

18. If coins of 50 paisa and one rupee are taken in the proportion 3 : 2, how many coins of 50 paisa will be there in a sum of ' 140 ?

19. An addition of ages of two brothers is 36 years. If the difference between their ages is of 10 years, find their ages.
(2)32, 22 
(3)42, 32 

20. Which of the following is the lightest metal?
(A) Mercury 
(B) Silver 
(C) Lithium 
(D) Lead

21. Air is a/an is
(A) compound
(B) element
(C) mixture
(D) electrolyte

22. The element present in the largest amount in rocks and minerals is 
(A) carbon
(B) silicon
(C) hydrogen
(D) aluminum

23. The element common to all acids is sugar is
(A) oxygen
(B) hydrogen
(c) nitrogen
(D) sulPhur

24. The most abundant metal in the earth's crust is
(A) zinc
(B) copper
(C) aluminum
(D) iron

159. Gobar gas contains mainly
earth's crust is
(A) methane
(A) zinc
(B) copper
(C) aluminum
(D) iron

25. The gas used to extinguish fire is 
(A) methane
(B) carbon dioxide
(C) butane
(D) carbon monoxide