SPSC Paper |   3592

SPSC Paper

                             Sikkim Public Service Commission Sample Paper

1. The total length of Indian coastline is ----------- kilometres.

2. Which of the following ports is oriented to export of iron-ore ?
(3)New Mangalore 

3. The first tea plantation was taken up in --------- state.
(4)Tamil Nadu

4. The formation of iron and steel industry at Bhilai is the result of ------------ Five Year Plan.

5. India stands ------------- in the world in the production of coal.
(3) Third 

6. To reduce burden on Mumbai port a new port has been developed at

7. Mumbai - Panaji is the national highway no.

8. ------------- is the first rail-route in India.
(1)Delhi to Agra 
(2)Mumbai to Thane
(3)Idowrah to Kharagpur 
(4)Chennai to Renigunta

9. Chincholi industrial estate in Solapur district is specialised in
(2)leather material

10. In Western Maharashtra, bauxite deposits are found in ------------ district.

11. The ------------ belt is famous for its mineral based industries in Maharashtra.
(1)Nagpur- Chandrapur 
(2)Raigad - Ratnagiri
(3)Mumbai - Pune 
(4)Nashik - Jalgaon

12. Arrange the ghats in Konkan from North to South.
(1)Thal, Kumbharli, Phonda, Amboli 
(2)Thal, Phonda, Kumbharli, Amboli
(3)Kumbharli, Thal, Phonda, Amboli 
(4)Amboli, Phonda, Kumbharli, Thal

13. Alphonso mango trees are found in following districts :
(4)All the above districts

14. Who presides over the meetings of Central Cabinet in India ?
(2)Vice President 
(3)Prime Minister 
(4) Home Minister

15. Which type of legislature is generally found in the Federal form of Government ?
(4)None of these

16. Whose recommendation is necessary to introduce a financial bill in Lok Sabha ?
(1)Finance Minister 
(2)Prime Minister
(4)Speaker of Lok Sabha

17. Which are the two amendments that made Indian democracy more decentralised ?
(1)73, 74 Amendments 
(2)42, 43 Amendments
(3)45, 46 Amendments
(4)75, 76 Amendments

18. Who is the administrative head of the Planning department ?
(1)Chief Secretary 
(2)Planning Secretary
(3)Finance Secretary 
(4)Home Secretary

19. Who conducts the competitive examinations for the recruitment of state service officials in Maharashtra ?
(1)Planning Commission
(2)Maharashtra Public Service Commission
(3)Union Public Service Commission
(4)None of these

20. Who shall exercise a casting vote in case of a tie in Legislative Assembly ?
(1)Chief Minister
(4)Deputy Chief Minister

21. What is the tenure of the members of Legislative Council ?
(1)6 years 
(2)3 years 
(3)4 years 
(4)5 years

22. Who decides Pay and Allowances of ministers in the State ?
(1)Chief Minister 
(3)Legislative Assembly 

23. Who sanctions grants for the Gram Panchayat ?
(1)Zilla Parishad 
(2)State Government
(3)Panchayat Samiti 
(4)Central Government

24. Name the virus that is responsible for Swine flu.
(4)None of these

25. Which one of the following dances is most popular in Kerala state ?