Sony Question-Paper |   3262

Sony Question-Paper

                                                Sony Written Exam Questions

The placement procedure of Sony India comprises of 2 sections:

1. Written Examination
2. HR Interview which covers group discussion

Written examination of Sony generally comprises of 4 sections:

1. Verbal Reasoning
2. Logical Reasoning and Aptitude
3. Quantitative Aptitude
4. Technical Questions

C Language

Here are some technical questions from C language

Q1. What symbol is used to terminate in the C language?
a) Semicolon
b) Colon
c) Period
d) Exclamation mark

Q2. Following two statements are executed after delivering a 20 bytes memory to a string declared as char*s
What is I?

a) 20
b) 8
c) 9
d) 21

Q3. Calculate the value of Y in the given program
X=7, y=0
If x=6, y=7
Else y=1,

a) 7
b) 0
c) 1
d) 6

Q4. Break statement is used to exit from
a) DO loop
b) FOR loop
c) SWITCH loop
d) None

Q5. In which of the following will a CONTINUE cause control to go directly to test condition and then continue the loop process?
a) FOR and WHILE

Q6. What is comma used with?
c) All
d) None

Q7. What is the difference in declaration of an external variable and its definition?
a) Declaration causes storage space to be allocated to variable and definition gives variable properties
b) Definition only causes storage to be allocated and declaration causes storage space to be allocated
c) Both
d) None

Q8. What is the overall expression of -
Char ch;
short i;
unsigned long ul;
float f;

a) Char
b) Unsigned
c) Float
d) None

Q9. C standard library supplies which string related function
a) Strcpy()
b) Strcat()
c) Strcmp()
d) None

Q10. Explicitly specified dimensions are not in which array
a) Unsized
b) Undimensional
c) Unspecified
d) None

Q11. How can u determine m’s memory location in C?
a) *m
b) m&
c) &m
d) m*

Q12. math.h header can be used for providing
a) links to assembly language for calls
b) diagnostic and debugging assistance
c) support for string handling
d) none

Q13. The format specified for hexadecimal is
a) %d
b) %o
c) %x
d) %u



1) PIN diode largest layer

2) Open loop transfer function of G(s)=3 (s+2)/s2(s+4)

3) He-Ne laser is a ________ level system

4) Guided mode, the normalized propagation lies between ________

5) Signal is periodic if and only if

6) A real valued signal X(n) is called symmetric if ________

7) Belt weighting system is a ________

8) Feed back relay it is a/an ________

9) Pressurization type another name ________

10) Software linearization is best for ________

11) Two –port network is reciprocal if and only if ________

12) Pipeline improve cpu performance in ________

13) Fast process likes flow control in ________

14) A machine cycle refer to ________

15) Illegal 8086 instruction ________

16) 8255 ic receive a rset signal ________

17) PSW reg. In 8085 microprocessor is ________

18) 8051 on chip RAM is ________

19) CMP instruction in 8085 microprocessor ________

20) Charge amplifier is used in ________

21) Quality factor parallel LR circuit___________

22) System has a single pole at origin its impulse response will be ________

23) Transfer function defined ________

24) Settling time of second outer system ________

25) Transfer function of 1000/(1+0.1s) (1+0.01s) ________

26) Question related to CRO and Transducers