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Serco Placement Paper

                                                 Serco BPO Placement Paper

1. A company contracts to paint 3 houses. Mr.Brown can paint a house in 6 days while Mr.Black would take 8 days and Mr.Blue 12 days. After 8 days Mr.Brown goes on vacation and Mr. Black begins to work for a period of 6 days. How many days will it take Mr.Blue to complete the contract?
A. 7 
B. 8 
C. 11 
D. 12
Ans. C

2. If 9x-3y=12 and 3x-5y=7 then 6x-2y = ?
B. 4 
C. 2 
D. 8
Ans. D

3.If C and F are moved to the new office, how many combinations are possible
Ans. A

4.Under the guidelines developed, which of the following must go to the new office
A. B 
B. D 
C .E 
D. G
Ans. A

5. What will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series based on their positions in the English alphabet?
1) PRS
2) QST
3) OQR
4) ORS
5) None of these
Ans:- 5

6. How many mashes are there in 1 square meter of wire gauge if each mesh is 8mm long and 5mm wide ?
(A) 2500
(B) 25000
(C) 250
(D) 250000

7. Two trains move in the same direction at 50 kmph and 32 kmph respectively. A man in the slower train observes the 15 seconds elapse before the faster train completely passes by him.
What is the length of faster train ?
(A) 100m
(B) 75m
(C) 120m
(D) 50m

8.To 15 lts of water containing 20% alcohol, we add 5 lts of pure water. What is % alcohol.
(Ans : 15% )

9. In the following number series how many 4's are there which are immediately preceded by a pair of numbers whose product is more than the product of the pair of numbers immediately following 4?
5 3 4 6 4 8 9 4 7 6 4 5 7 4 8 44 8 0 2 3 4 3 1 4 7 2
1) 4
2) 5
3) 6
4) 2
5) None of these
Ans:- 2

10.Which of the following is a possible sequence of combinations for interviews in 2 successive weeks

11.Which of the following correctly state(s) the procedure followed by the search committee
I.After the second interview all applicants have appeared at least once
II.The committee sees each applicant a second time
III.If a third session,it is possible for all applicants to appear at least twice

A.I only
B.II only
C.III only
D.Both I and II

12. A male born into the brown group may have
(A) An uncle in either group
(B) A brown daughter
(C) A brown son
(D) A son-in-law born into red group
Ans. A

13. Which of the following is inconsistent with one or more conditions
(A) All H's are G's
(B) All H's are M's
(C) Some H's are both M's and G's
(D) No M's are H's
Ans. C

14. On which of the following occasions would service be on the greatest number of lines disrupted.
(A) A snowy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit
(B) A snowy morning with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit
(C) A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 45 degree farenheit
(D) A rainy afternoon with the temperature at 95 degree farenheit
Ans: B

15. If widowers and divorced males retained their group they had upon marrying which of the following would be permissible ( Assume that no previous marriage occurred)
(A) A woman marrying her dead sister,s husband
(B) A woman marrying her divorced daughter,s ex-husband
(C) A widower marrying his brother,s daughter
(D) A woman marrying her mother,s brother who is a widower.
Ans: D

16. Which of the following can be logically deduced from the stated conditions
(A) No M,s are H,s
(B) No H,s are M,s
(C) Some M,s are H,s
(D) No N,s are G,s
Ans: D

17. Which of the following is inconsistent with one or more conditions
(A) All H,s are G,s
(B) All H,s are M,s
(C) Some H,s are both M,s and G,s
(D) No M,s are H,s
Ans: C

18.What is the maximum number of half-pint bottles of cream that can be filled with a 4-gallon can of cream(2 pt.=1 qt. and 4 qt.=1 gal)

19. A software comp was advertised to recruit people with exposure to C and C++. 241 applications were received and on sorting out it was found that 40 of them don't have exposure to c and c++. 180 of them had exposure to c and 186 of them had exposure to c++ .how many of them had exposure to c only
A) 165 
b) 15 
c) 180 
d) 150 

20.3 machines a,b,c can be used to produce a product. Machine a will take 60 hours to produce a million units. Machine b is twice as fast as machine a. Machine c takes the same amount of time as machine a and b taken together. How much time will be required to produce a million units if all the three machines are used simultaneously?
(a) 12 hours 
(b) 10 hours 
(c) 8 hours 
(d) 6 hours