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Placement Paper

SBI Professional Knowledge Model Questions for technical officers recruitment, SBI specialists officers model questions with answers, SBI specialists officers professional knowledge practice questions with answers

1. Which is Computer Memory that does not forget ?
Ans: ROM

2. The computer memory holds data and ?
Ans: program

3. What is means by term RAM ?
Ans: Memory which can be both read and written to

4. Which computer memory is esentially empty ?
Ans: RAM

5. The bubbles in a bubble memory pack are created with the help of ?
Ans: magnetic field

6. Virtual memory is -
Ans: an illusion of an extremely large memory

7. Special locality refers to the problem that once a location is referenced
Ans: a nearby location will be referenced soon

8. An example of a SPOOLED device
Ans: A line printer used to print the output of a number of jobs

9. Page faults occurs when
Ans: one tries to divide a number by 0

10. Overlay is
Ans: a single contiguous memory that was used in the olden days for running large programs by swapping

Operating System Question Answer

11. Concurrent processes are processes that -
Ans: Overlap in time

12. The page replacement policy that sometimes leads to more page faults when the size of the memory is increased is -

13. The only state transition that is initiated by the user process itself is -
Ans: Block

14. Fragmentation is -
Ans: fragments of memory words unused in a page

15. Give Example of real time systems
Ans: Aircraft control system, A process control system

16. Dijkstra’s banking algorithm in an operating system solves the problem of -
Ans: Deadlock Avoidance

17. In a paged memory system, if the page size is increased, then the internal fragmentation generally -
Ans: Becomes more

18. An operating system contains 3 user processes each requiring 2 units of resources R. The minimum number of units of R such that no deadlock will ever occur is -
Ans: 4

19. Critical region is -
Ans: A set of instructions that access common shared resources which exclude one another in time

20. Kernel is -
Ans: The set of primitive functions upon which the rest of operating system functions are built up

21. Necessary conditions for deadlock are -
Ans: Non-preemption and circular wait, Mutual exclusion and partial allocation

22. In a time sharing operating system, when the time slot given to a process is completed, the process goes from the RUNNING state to the -
Ans: READY state

23. Supervisor call -
Ans: Are privileged calls that are used to perform resource management functions, which are controlled by the operating system

24. Semaphores are used to solve the problem of -
Ans: Mutual exclusion, Process synchronization

25. If the property of locality of reference is well pronounced in a program-
Ans: The number of page faults will be less

Operating System Question Answer for Competitive Exams

26. Pre-emptive scheduling, is the strategy of temporarily suspending a running process-
Ans: before the CPU time slice expires

27. Mutual exclusion problem occurs -
Ans: among processes that share resources

27. Sector interleaving in disks is done by -
Ans: the operating system

28. Disk scheduling involves deciding-
Ans: the order in which disk access requests must be serviced

29. Dirty bit is used to show the -
Ans: page that is modified after being loaded into cache memory

30. Fence register is used for-
Ans: memory protection.

31. The first-fit, best-fit and worst-fit algorithm can be used for-
Ans: contiguous allocation of memory

32. Give example of single-user operating systems-

33. In Round Robin CPU Scheduling, as the time quantum is increased, the average turn around time-
Ans: varies irregulary

34. In a multiprogramming environment-
Ans: more than one process resides in the memory

35. The size of the virtual memory depends on the size of the -
Ans: Address Bus

36. Give example of Scheduling Policies in which context switching never take place-
Ans: Shortest Job First, First-cum-first-served

37. Suppose that a process is in ‘BLOCKED’ state waiting for some I/O service. When the service is completed, it goes to the-
Ans: READY State

38. One of the following is not included in the 7 P’s of Marketing. Find the same_____________
(A). Placement
(B). Price
(C). Production
(D). Promotion
(E). Product
Ans. (C). Production

39 Analysis of marketing problem helps in ______________
(A). Evaluating marketing opportunities
(B). Reducing marketing staff
(C). Reducing profits
(E). Motivation
Ans. (A). Evaluation Marketing Opportunities

40. Innovation is marketing is same as _________________
(A). Motivation
(B). Perspiration
(C). Aspiration
(D). Creativity
(E). Team work
Ans. (D). Creativity

41.Market Segmentation is required for _________________
(A). preferential market
(B). OTC Marketing
(C). Internal Marketing
(D). Identifying sales persons
(E). Identifying prospects
Ans. (E). Identifying prospects

42 Bank ATMs are__________________

(A). Delivery outlets
(B). market plans
(C). Personalized Products
(D). Tools for overcoming buyers resistance
(E). Motivating tools
Ans. (C). Personalized Products

43. EMI can be marketing tool when________________
a. EMI is very low
b. EMI is very high
c. EMI is fluctuating
d. EMI is constant
e. EMI is ballooning

44. Advertisements are necessary for ______________
a. only old products
b. launching new products
c. only costly products
d. only obsolete products
e. advertisements are wasteful expenses

45. Publicity is required for ____________________
a. Generating more number of leads
b. better training of sales persons
c. market survey
d. Product designing
e. OTC Marketing

46. NAV is the price of __________________
a. Entire fund value
b. one unit of a fund
c. surrender value
d. average value of shares
e. dividends paid in a year

47.A Master policy in the case of Life insurance indicates___________________
a. policy is sale
b. policy is in the name of servant
c. only one life is assured
d. there are several beneficiaries
e. life assured should be a male

48. Customer database is useful for ________
a. advertisements
b. word-of-mouth publicity
c. CRM Functions
d. PR functions
e. Sales persons training

49. CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is ______________
a. A pre-sales activity
b. A tool for lead generation
c. an ongoing daily activity
d. the task of a DSA
e. back office duty

50 Find the incorrect answer_________________
a. cross-selling is an expensive way of marketing
b. market segmentation can boost lead generations
c. customer lifetime value is a marketing tool
d. surrogate marketing is a type of viral marketing
e. internet banking can replace ATMs

51. Financial inclusion needs canvassing the accounts of ______________
a. Financial Institutions
b. NRIs
d. Housewives
e. Persons below a specified income level

52. Effective retail banking presupposes____________
a. Large Premises
b. Huge kiosks
c. big sales force
d. coordination between marketing and front office staff
e. More products