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SBI Associate Bank clerical cadre question papers and selection procedure and test pattern

Test Paper - I

General Awareness Paper

1. Which of the following was the reason owing to which the UN imposed financial sanctions on North Korea?

A. North Korea has not given its share to the common pool of the UN maintenance funds for so many years.
B. North Korea has conducted a nuclear test, which is against its commitment to the international lobby.
C. North Korea is helping Iran in its Weapon Development Programme which is against the will of the UN security Council.
D. North Korea has illegally captured a big part of land belonging to South Korea
E. None of these

2. The Gujarat High Court recently held that the constitution of U.C Banerjee Committee was illegal. Why was U.C. Banerjee Committee set up?
A. To help the Government of Gujarat to decide the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam
B. To report on Godhra train tragedy
C. To report on the issue of the demolition of the Babri Masjid
D. To enquire into the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai's local trains
E. None of these

3. Which of the following banks has been founded by the Winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Muhammad Yunus?
A. Swadesh Bank         B. Rashtriya Bank          C. Grameen Bank
D. Bank for the Poors    E. None of these

4. Late Kanshi Ram, who died recently was associated with which of the following plitical parties?
A. Samajwadi Party                      B. Samajwati Janta Party     C. Republican Party of India         
D. Bahujan Samaj Party                E. None of these 

5. My Days a special edition of which was released recently is the autobiography of who among the following?
A. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam           B. R. K. Laxman        C. R. K. Naryana
D. L. K. Advani                         E. None of these

6. The Government of India is considering to put which of the following countries on the list of countries categorised as a Security Risk from the stand poing of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?
A. N. Korea         B. S. Korea          C. China         D. Iran      E. None of these

7. Which of the following Stock Exchanges is in stage of advanced negotiations to pick up a strategic equity stake in Bombay Stock Exchange?
A. London Stock Exchange         B. Tokyo Stock Exchange       C. New York Stock Exchange  
D. Hong Kong Stock Exchange   E. None of these

8. 'Malegaon' which was in the news recently is a town in ....................
A. Madhy Pradesh   B. Chhattisgarh     C. Bihar     D. Gujarat     E. Maharashtra

9. India recently observed the centenary of the song Vande Mataram. The song was incorporated in which of the following novels by the author?
A. Godan      B.Chandrakanta Santati      C. Gitanjali   D. Anandmath    E. None of these

10. The Union Minister for Science & Technology. Kapil Sibal and his counerpart Xu Guanhua recently signed a pact for mutual co-operation in the field of Science & Technology. Mr. Xu Guanhua belongs to which of the following countries?
A. Japan    B. South Korea   C. North Korea     D. Vietnam    E. China

11. Who amongst the following was the Chairperson of the "17th Law Commission" which submitted its report to the Government of India a few months back?
A. Justice Mr. B. N.Srikrishna        B. Justice M.  Jagannadha Rao    C. H. R. Bharadwaj     
D. Pratyush Sinha     E. None of these

12. 'TRAI' the name which we read very often in the newspapers is a regulatory body associated with of the following sectors?
A. Transport      B. Travel & Tourism    C. Technical Education    D. Telecom    E. None of these

13. The Municipal Corporation of which of the following cities has launched a massive operation of sealing of shops/ commercial establishments in residential areas?
A. Mumbai       B. Kolkata   C. Bangalore   D. Ahmedabad    E. Delhi

14. Who among the following is the Foreign Minister of India at present?
A. Natwar Singh     B. Pranab Mukharjee     C. A. K. Antony        D. Mani Shankar Aiyar   E. None of these

15. Ricky Ponting who was nominated ICC Player of the year 2006 is the captain of which of the following cricket teams?
A. Australia       B. England   C. New Zealand     D. South Africa   E. None of these

16. Which of the following books is written by Vikram Seth?
A. The God of Small Things     B. The Long Silence    C. The Heart of India    D. A Suitable Boy    E. None of these

17. Iron ore is found mainly in which of the following States?
A. Uttar Pradesh     B. West Bengal    C. Jharkahand    D. Uttarakhand     E. Haryana

18. Which of the following diseases is NOT caused by a virus?
A. Cancer     B. Rabies     C. AIDS     D. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndorme (SARS)   E. Influenza

19. Angelina Jolie who was on a visit to India recently is associated with which of the following areas?
A. Journalism       B. Sports     C. Politics     D. Films    E. Social Services

20. Which of the following dance forms cannot be called a classical dance?
A. Kathak    B. Kuchipudi    C. Manipuri     D. Odissi    E. Ghumar

21. K. V. Kamath who is adjudged as the 'Banker of the India 2005-2006' by the Business Standard is associated with which of the following banks?
A. IDBI Bank     B. ICICI Bank     C. HDFC Bank    D. Yes Bank    E. None of these

22. Who among the following is the coach of the Indian Cricket team at present?
A. Kapil Dev      B. Dilip Vengsarkar    C. Bishen Singh Bedi   D. Ajit Wadekar     E. None of these

23. Severe flooding and reains in which of the following African countries recently has killed several people and left thousands homeless?
A. Chad     B. Kenya   C. Sudan    D. Algeria     E. Angola

24. Bill Gates is associated with which of the following companies?
A. Infosys        B. Microsoft    C. Intel     D. Google    E. None of these

25. Which of the following is NOT a major IT company of India?
A. HAL   B. TCS      C. Infosys     D. NIIT    E. Wipro